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073 Jeff Root | Small Audience, Big Reward

Most people believe you have to have a business that attracts huge volumes of people, but in this new age of online business, you create a strong business in a narrow niche. Jeff Root began his insurance career the traditional way as defined by … [Read More...]

Billy Boughey

072 Billy Boughey | Beginning With The End In Mind

You must, must, must know where you are going.  The vision that you see is essential to achieving your goals.  Billy Boughey started his business with a vision that pulled him through his goals.  Billy wanted to create unique experiences in all the … [Read More...]

Get Rich in Niche

071 Gene Hammett |Get Rich in the Niche

Why do some businesses take off and others get stuck?  This is a big question that really perplexes so many people.  It really comes down to two parts. The first we discuss in this episode which are the fundamentals to business, specifically "who do … [Read More...]