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107 | Facing Your Fears with Gene Landrum

Everyone will have fears to face as they build their businesses. The battle of fear and courage is constant, because there are always new parts to explore. For some it is sales, others struggle with speaking to strangers, or maybe it is just raising … [Read More...]


106 | The Authority Mindset with Brian Horn

Becoming an authority in your marketplace will allow you to stand out from your peers. However, this “authority” thing comes with some limiting beliefs that you have to overcome. Welcome Brian Horn from Authority Alchemy who is going to share with … [Read More...]

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105 | Be the Authority with Gene Hammett

What does it take to position yourself before the sale? Who is an AUTHORITY? An individual who embodies the term Authority distinguishes themselves from being A choice to being THE choice. Like so many other podcasts on Leaders in the Trenches, this … [Read More...]