Entries by Gene Hammett

275 | The Killer Question to Build Relationships with Tim Sanders

    Tim Sanders is an expert in relationship building. In today’s world of takers and money makers, Tim believes in approaching business with the utmost compassion. In fact, this is what led him to his first of multiple million dollar deals. Adding value to the lives of others and stepping into the market with […]

274 | Company Brand or Personal Brand? with Rand Fishkin

    We hear all about creating your BRAND in business. The most common approach is to focus 100% on a company brand. However, I believe that having a strong personal brand will fuel success in many ways. I have admired our guest today for years in what he has built in his industry. He […]

273 | How to Be More of You with Taki Moore

    The process of growth and achieving more in business is often a study of others. We begin to look at their way of growing and even mimicking their way of showing up. However, it is common to lose touch in who you are.  The best path to a new destination is to be […]

272 | Making Life Matter Now with Cole Hatter

    Business has a tendency to wrap us up into our numbers and all the growth aspects of the company. However, one reason we are all in business is to give back in some way. I believe you should give back now. Our guest today is Cole Hatter. Cole is the founder and host […]

271 | How to Give a Speech that Connects with Tricia Brouk

    When you get a chance to speak on a stage or to a group of people, you are likely focus on the “content” that you intend to delivery. However, it is more important to connect to the hearts and souls of the audience. Today’s guest is Tricia Brouk who will help you understand […]

270 | Activating The Coach Inside You with Michael Bungay Stanier

  Michael Bungay Stanier, founder of Box of Crayons, shares he and his team of facilitators teach 10-minute coaching so busy managers build stronger teams and get better results. On this episode, we dive deep into what it truly means to do GREAT work. Impactful work. Meaningful work. Change the way you lead forever, by […]

269 | How to Improve Your Marketing with Noah Kagan

      Marketing genius Noah Kagan joins us today to talk about how the world of Marketing is changing every day. We dive in deep into how to stay relevant in today’s rapidly changing world. Find out why being in tune with the frequent changes requires you to be humble and dropping your ego! […]

268 | Making A Quantum Leap Using Game Theory with Simcha Gluck

    Do you know what Game Theory is? Game Theory was created to help entrepreneurs reflect on the actions they take in day to day life. The game itself encourages a playful approach to different ways of winning (note: money is NOT the only way we win!) and increases creativity in the way solutions […]

267 | Using Visibility to Grow Your Digital Agency with Rich Brooks

        Authority gives you a chance to have a seat at the table. If you have no or low visibility in the eyes of your prospects, you will only exist through referrals. Referrals are fantastic, but you need a predictable way for prospects to find you. Rich Brooks with Take Flyte shares […]

266 | Getting Started with Facebook Lead Generation with Marya Jan

      Having a steady stream of leads for your business is powerful for many reasons. Think for a second about you having the systems in place that allow for quality prospects to be lining up to talk to you about your services and products. If you have not looked at Facebook to generate […]