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036 Chris Ducker | Building Your Personal Brand with 3 Facets

Becoming known in today’s marketplace requires you to be crystal clear on who you are and who you serve. This is all about creating a personal brand. When you think of virtual assistants, you likely think of today’s guest, Chris Ducker. Chris has positioned himself as an authority in the area of outsourcing (which includes […]

035 Matthew Goldfarb | The Money is in the Clarity

This one will blow you away on how important it is to be clear about your business direction. We kick off with the importance of WHY you do what you do…WHY you serve the people you serve. Matthew Goldfarb is a master at messaging and he shares with you his insights to create a clear […]

034 Gene Hammett | Discovering Your Real Target Market

In more than 30 episodes at Leaders in the Trenches, we have talked about “target market” and the value that it offers the companies that really understand the audience they serve.  We have talked to coaches, consultants, designers, marketers, authors, speakers and more to hear of their struggles before knowing their target market and the […]

033 Gene Hammett | Questions and Answers

Here is a chance to give specific answers to your questions. There are 5 different questions in the areas of Business Plans, quitting, hiring my 1st employee, niching fears and productivity. If you have a question for an episode please, email me your question at “gene@leadersinthetrenches.com” and you will get a free gift from me […]

032 Jena Rodriguez | You Are Here to Serve CERTAIN People, Not Everyone

Read that title again…There is something special in that title.  Jena Rodriguez shares with us about going beyond the target market…the idea behind the IT factor.  Jena discovered this in her journey to her current business.  She understands the entrepreneur and their journey through the hard times to success.  In fact, Jena has even seen […]

031 Dominic Sicotte | Turning Customers Into a Community is a Powerful Strategy

Established businesses have customers by default, but if you want to turn those customers in to raving fans then understanding the key elements of community will help you.  Dominic Sicotte has started many businesses with the idea of “community” to support the overall growth of the business.  Discover what is meant by community and see […]

030 Natalie Sisson | Get Ideal Clients by Profiling Your Best Customers

The main reason why I asked Natalie on to the show is because of her clear brand. She stands for “lifestyle entrepreneurs” you don’t have to travel the world and live out of a suitcase, but you could if you wanted to. Natalie has take a few turns to find this “brand” because she started […]

029 Jeff Hilimire | Creating More Time to Do What is Important

Jeff Hilimire has reached a level of success where he is giving back to our world. Jeff has built multiple businesses and sold them for quite a payday, and now he is finding some amazing places to give to others in non-profits and beyond.  In this show, we discuss all around the issue of “opportunity” […]

028 Gene Hammett | 3 Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Business and How to STOP Them

Welcome to our first solo show…100% content for the business owner that is striving for financial freedom and a purposeful lifestyle.  In this episode, we discuss the 3 ways you are sabotaging your business with examples and even talk about what you can do to overcome this 3 specific areas.  I based this on my […]

027 Steven Essa | Using Webinars to Attract Hungry Buyers to Your Business

Learning how to market is an essential part of growing a strong company. Steve Essa shares with you a powerful strategy (and techniques) to find hungry buyers for your market. If you have not heard of “webinars”, then you will likely think this is drinking from a fire hose. Steve packs into this episode details […]