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283 | The Courage to Create A Cult Brand with Ryan Gill

  Our guest today is Ryan Gill, the founder of CULT. There is a “new” age of advertising and it means LESS advertising. On this episode, we talk about creating a brand that people buy into – not buy from. Find out why cultivating loyalty is what is helping businesses today thrive instead of fail. […]

282 | Creating Influence with Internal Thought Leadership with Neen James

    When you have more influence and authority, people pay attention. Have you considered raising your focus on “Thought Leadership?”  My guest today is the Ah-mazing Neen James. I borrow Neen’s exact phrasing of amazing because she is so freaking amazing. We talk about developing internal thought leaders for your company.  Don’t miss this […]

281 | How to use Live Video To Grow with Joel Comm

    Live video is not going away. When Facebook added this feature to their platform, I knew it would be powerful. Well, it is only powerful if you use it right. Joel Comm is our guest, and he is an expert at many things. Today we talk about using live video to get your […]

280 | Keys to Your Exit Strategy with Steve Little

    It is not too early to think about your exit strategy. In today’s episode we look at some of the key factors of “The Exit.” My guest is Steve Little. He will share insights from decades of experience in selling his businesses. Plus, he has been working with others on their exits too. […]

279 | How to Sell Socially with Jack Kosakowski

  Selling in business is part of the journey. Well, it is actually a huge part of your growth. No sales means no business. Sales has changed with the impact of social media. This interview is with Jack Kosakowski who runs a digital agency. He has been on the front lines of “social selling” for […]

278 | Talk Triggers to Get Free Clients with Jay Baer

    Get more referrals. Referrals have a sweetness in business that never gets old. Would you like to increase your word of mouth exposure? Today’s interview is with Jay Baer, founder of Convince and Convert. Jay is also a New York Times best selling author. We talk about what Jay says are Talk Triggers. […]

277 | Finding Your Competitive Advantage with Sally Hogshead

    The competitive edge of business is getting harder and harder to grab. Before anything, you must captivate your audience with your messaging. In other words, you must FASCINATE them. Today, I’m honored to share my interview with Sally Hogshead. Sally is a renowned speaker and marketing expert who has created a compelling way […]

276 | How to Be Remarkable with Sue Falcone

    How do you build a business when it is so common to be positioned as a commodity? One aspect of that is to be intentional about how to be remarkable. Being remarkable is worthy of sharing with others. Today’s interview is with Sue Falcone who operates the speaker bureau, and she shares wisdom […]

275 | The Killer Question to Build Relationships with Tim Sanders

    Tim Sanders is an expert in relationship building. In today’s world of takers and money makers, Tim believes in approaching business with the utmost compassion. In fact, this is what led him to his first of multiple million dollar deals. Adding value to the lives of others and stepping into the market with […]

274 | Company Brand or Personal Brand? with Rand Fishkin

    We hear all about creating your BRAND in business. The most common approach is to focus 100% on a company brand. However, I believe that having a strong personal brand will fuel success in many ways. I have admired our guest today for years in what he has built in his industry. He […]