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265 | How to Build Deep Relationships with Dan Miller

    The foundation of business is still and will always be about relationships. How do you build deeper relationships that will last a lifetime? I am interviewing Dan Miller with 48days.net about deep relationships. Dan is a master of this and is quite passionate about the need for us to focus on the small […]

264 | How to Talk About What You Do with Holly Chantal

  The most common question in the start of a conversation in business is “What do you do?” or some variation on that. I’m not saying it should be the first question, but eventually, that is where the conversation goes. Do you have a great response that makes the listener want to know more? Even […]

263 | How to Handle Objections in the Sales Process with Petra Foster

Today we chat with Petra Foster about PRICING. So many of us entrepreneurs have struggled or are currently struggling with our pricing packages. On this episode, we talk about how to get out of that rut. We begin with building trust and understanding our potential clients’ inner dialogue. Discover how you can tackle the objections […]

262 | UnCrapify Your Follow Up with Speaker Jeff Havens

  Jeff Havens is not your typical Keynote Speaker. Join us on this episode where we dive deep into the key elements of speaking. You may think content is everything when it comes to your speeches. Jeff tells us why it really isn’t. How can you distinguish yourself in your market? And then once you […]

261 | The Spark and Grind with Eric Wahl – Renowned Graffiti Artist

      Are you willing to disrupt your own business? Our guest today, Erik Wahl, calls himself a disruptive strategist. He is a graffiti artist and powerful speaker who offers tools on how to be intentionally creative and provocative. The great paradox here is that through discipline and structure we can birth our creative […]

260 | Leading Others – Your Path To Greatness with Lolly Daskal

  Leadership is a journey. It is filled with new challenges that cause you to evolve as a leader. I had a chance to sit down with Lolly Daskal, author of The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness. Lolly shares insights to take your leadership to a new level. After listening to […]

259 | Creating Your Own Media Platform with Brandon Adams

  What Media Platform are you using? Join us today where we chat with Brandon Adams about the platforms of Writing, Podcasting, and Video. Discover the power that lies within each platform to help you connect, inspire and grow your audience. Just as importantly, find out how with consistency and dedication, the likelihood of converting […]

258 | How to Create Content Marketing Strategy for Your Business with Byron White

  The content marketing revolution is growing even more important. Forward thinking companies are starting to think like “old school” publishers. The are developing content that teaches the marketplace something new. Our guest today is Byron White, with Writer Access. Discover the power elements of content marketing so you can develop your marketing strategy.   […]

257 | How to Win in Today’s Market with Marc Werner

  When you have success in ONE WAY, the tendency is to look at new ventures through the same lens. In other words, when something works why change it?  Marc Werner, founder of Nature Sleep, didn’t want to fall into that path of thinking. He comes from the Werner family, where ladders were their thing. […]

256 | CRO – Aligning the Needs of Your Visitors to Your Website with Tim Ash

Most people focus on getting more traffic. And they want new sources of traffic. However, traffic is only part of the solution for growth in your business. One of the most important aspects of business growth, is understanding “conversion.” Our guest is an expert in CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization). Join Tim Ash from SiteTuners on […]