105 | Be the Authority with Gene Hammett

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105-gene-hammett-featured copyWhat does it take to position yourself before the sale? Who is an AUTHORITY? An individual who embodies the term Authority distinguishes themselves from being A choice to being THE choice. Like so many other podcasts on Leaders in the Trenches, this heavily stems down to having a healthy mindset. It’s also becoming aware of the part of yourself that could be sabotaging you and your business.

An AUTHORITY is perceived as the professional. They are seen as the choice. They embody influence, impact and income (get paid more). Those are three essential elements to an Authority. An Authority is also someone who is not “absolute” in their ways- but someone who is constantly growing and changing.

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Gene’s Target audience: Gene works with entrepreneurs who want to find the perfect match between their unique value and the people who will become their best clients and biggest fans.

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104 | Create Your Contagious Message with Jonah Berger

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JonahB ergerIn this day and age, most of us are totally engulfed in the world of internet marketing and advertising. But what about “Word of Mouth” as a tool to emotionally provoke and connect with our target audience? It’s something we may not give as much thought to in our modern context, but according to Jonah Berger’s research, it could just be the most powerful tool we have.

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Jonah’s Target Audience: Jonah’s target audience includes entrepreneurs with small businesses to large fortune 500 companies to non- profits, to start ups and everything in between.

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103 | Expressing Value Before Giving A Price with Donald Kelly

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103-Donald-Kelly380x380You might be thinking that “sales” is a complex process and that you need a set of scripts to be successful. Well, listening to this episode will give you insights about follow up, value and questions. Our guest is Donald Kelly with The Sales Evangelist. Donald shares the secret sauce for quicker and increased sales. Listen in to this episode to improve your sales.

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Donald’s Target Audience: Includes people who are new to sales and are struggling. They may not have the necessary skills and Donald’s mission is to shorten their learning curve through coaching and mentoring them. Donald also hosts a popular sales podcast for an audience that has a strong desire to learn about sales

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102 | Letting Go of Mediocrity with Renee Gambino

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102-Renee-Gambino380x380Settling in your comfort zone prevents you from growing and changing. When you do decide to shift into your greatness, you will have to let go of the very things that make you comfortable. Renee Gambino talks about letting go of fear and allowing confidence to dominate. She shares how vision has been a huge force in her own growth as a business owner. Learning how to think bigger and find the leverage have been her keys to success.

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Renee’s Target Audience: Renee’s target includes entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches, and sales professionals. She interacts with individuals who seriously want to end mediocre results in their income and life and strive for non- negotiable success.

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101 | The Silent Fears of Entrepreneurs with Gene Hammett

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101-Gene-Hammett380x380No one- and I mean no one is immune to fear. If you are striving to reach a new level or looking to achieve a goal, then fear us something you inevitably feel within. Those who are successful distinguish themselves from the rest because rather than avoiding fear, they utilize it and as a result, build a sense of inner courage. Gene Hammett, the host of this podcast, shares the 10 silent fears of entrepreneurs and business owners. Gene also shares how to understand the fears you encounter. Listen in to this episode to learn more about the silent fears of entrepreneurs and what you can do about them.

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Gene’s Target audience: Gene works with entrepreneurs who want to find the perfect match between their unique value and the people who will become their best clients and biggest fans.

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100 | Amanda Hammett and Gene Hammett with Special Host Kimanzi Constable

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100-the-hammetts-featuredIt’s a special episode today celebrating the 100th episode of Leaders in the Trenches with your regular host Gene Hammett, his wife Amanda Hammett and a special host for today- Kimanzi Constable. Gene and Amanda have been married since 2002 and most of that journey has been comprised of the stress and struggle of being entrepreneurs together. Discover what it takes to support the entrepreneur in your life and learn what Amanda (Youth Motivational Speaker) has picked up from Gene on this journey. In this episode, Kimanzi also digs into what goes on behind the scenes of the podcast Leaders in the Trenches. Join in the celebration of the 100th episode. We are extending an enormous thank you to each and every one of you listening in on a regular basis and sharing the podcasts with the leaders in your life.

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Amanda’s target audience: is comprised of high school and college students. She serves as a youth motivational speaker and focuses on the topic of resilience.

Gene’s Target audience: Gene works with entrepreneurs who want to find the perfect match between their unique value and the people who will become their best clients and biggest fans.

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099 Gene Hammett | Your Truth vs. The Truth

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_099-Gene-Hammett380x380Your truth determines your future. Your truth is supported by the beliefs you have. Your experiences and stories are very much connected to how your belief system is developed. However, your truth is quite different than the absolute truth. What can do about your current truth and how can you discover truths that will benefit you? This special episode aims to uncover how your beliefs shape the actions you take and the actions you don’t take. Are the current beliefs you accept as TRUTH getting in the way of your success?

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Gene’s Target Audience: Gene works with entrepreneurs who want to find the perfect match between their unique value and the people who will become their best clients and biggest fans. That perfect match is their “bullseye,” where they can add the most benefit and create the greatest wealth.

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098 Ace Chapman  | How You See the World Defines Your Success

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Ace ChapmanThe way you see yourself and the way you see the world shapes what you believe is possible.  All business owners have periods of doubt that are caused by an inner conflict.  It can stop you if you let it.  Ace Chapman shares his journey today where he found it much easier to buy businesses rather than start them.  This is how Ace sees the world now. Listen in to the advantages that you reap when you buy a business that has already suffered through the “lean” years.

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Ace’s Target Audience: Ace help business owners who are looking to grow through acquisition or looking to come up with an exit strategy to maximize the amount of money that they can make when they sell their business.

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097 Roger Whitney | Cash Flow with the Retirement Answer Man

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Roger WhitneyMost financial planners dance to the same song. Today’s guest has a different approach to financial planning that business owners can appreciate. Roger Whitney, the Retirement Answer Man, shares how thinking like a business owner can improve your own cash flow. Roger shares how many business owners never get out of the mindset of “hard work” after they become successful. Discover the real reason why emotions are so important when comes to understanding money too.

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Roger’s Target Audience: Roger’s target audience includes stewards and delegators. They usually fall within the age bracket of 45- 60 and are beginning to positions themselves for the ‘end game’ phase of their lives and their businesses. They are in the midst of wanting to make smarter financial decisions and are wondering how they are going to make it all work.


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Small Business is not a Target Market

This post is NOT for those that work at Walmart, Coke, Fedex, Microsoft or anyone else that has the budgets, resources and opportunities available to “BIG” business. It is for small businesses that have limited budgets, strained resources and in general less than 1000 employees (but usually WAY smaller). This post is for the small business- entrepreneur.

I hear so many entrepreneurs tell me they are comfortable in having a broad niche and they *think* that variety makes them great. I understand this all too well. In fact, in the early years of my business, I would have described my target market as “small business,” which was too broad. But I learned the hard way that having such a fuzzy audience is no way to build your business. With all the competition out there, you have to be crystal clear about who you serve and demonstrate that with a smart marketing message.

Back when I defined my audience as “small business” I had clients, but it was really hard for me to develop a steady stream of leads and even harder to make conversions. I always wanted to write a book and develop programs for my business, but until I found a true target market, I struggled. Once I narrowed my niche, I found that many of my marketing decisions flowed better. I knew which events to go to for networking and how to develop offers for my market using my target market’s language and examples that directly connect to them. I knew how to create content that would connect my audience to me and my brand.
If you agree with this concept…read on.

What is a “target market”?

It is a clear description of who you serve. It can be either vertically or horizontally focused. Think of it this way: vertically focused is aligned with a specific industry, e.g., real estate or financial services.

Horizontally focused is not as easy to describe because they can be any one of the following:

  • Demographic – based on the person, e.g., women owned firms
  • Stage – companies can be described by their stages, like new, start up, growth or established phases
  • Challenge based – what problem does the client need (e.g., increase online conversions or registrations)?

Any of these will work to narrow your target market. But if you really want to develop a strong position, you should select a vertical and horizontal focus to have a “niched company.” A great example of this is wtalkie.com run by Brett Neal who develops WordPress websites for cement construction companies. His strategy has produced amazing results so far. For example, Brett recently got the chance to speak to a room full of cement construction executives and walked away with 13 projects from that one speech….one speech!! (talk about some focused marketing efforts!). Brett knows this business and has stacks of references and testimonials that directly relate to this narrow target market.

Your target market will seek you out if you write your web content and emails directly to the heart of what really matters to them. If you create a video that addresses them directly and with empathy you will get more clients. This is true because I have seen it work for so many clients and I have seen it work for me (remember I am a Business Coach to Entrepreneurs that want to find their target market and the profitable niche just in case you forgot).
One final thought here…Your “target market” must be black or white.  This means that people will see if they are included in your target market.

This means that your client will positively associate themselves to that target market. The stronger that someone will defend that position, the better your target market is. It is critically important to have clients see themselves based on the words you use. Don’t pick some cute- fancy name just to be different. You want your target audience to easily recognize who you are.

Now after you find your “target market” you have to do some work to find your niche. Look for our next post about finding your niche.

I would love to hear more stories from you about your target market. Leave me a comment to start a conversation.

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