085 Re Perez | Branding is not Marketing

Re PerezMany people use the terms branding and marketing interchangeably. There is a difference…a BIG difference actually. Re Perez with Branding for the People shares his view of branding.

We talk about examples and he gives some key factors to help you understand what your brand is. The practical and actionable segment of this episode is right on target…don’t miss it.

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Creating Passive Income with Your Skills and Experience

Passive incomeIf you’re reading this it’s because you value Passive income over Active income. You are an entrepreneur who’s not interested in getting paid by the hour. You believe in creating value and a system that works for you, not the other way around. You may very well know that you want this. But, have you DECIDED you want this yet? There is a significant difference between WANTING and DECIDING. Let me identify some key differences between the two types of income (passive/active) and I want you to decide which one resonates with you. What could Passive Income look like?

  • Writing a book (real or ebook)
  • Developing a training course)
  • Developing a membership site
  • Creating a graphics package or themes
  • Building a premium pugin
  • Developing a SAAS solution

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084 Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo | What does Sex have to do with Business?

TonyAndAlisaDiLorenzoYes, I had to put the word SEX in the title.  In fact, this is a first here at Leaders in the Trenches.  Its the first time we have ever discussed sex and we talk about it throughout the whole episode.  Don’t worry…it’s not just for shock value either…SEX is a big part of this episode.

Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo are marriage coaches to couples.  Their thriving business is because they really know the top 2 issues their ideal clients struggles with.  One of them being the lack of sex in a marriage.  We also talk about what that lack of sex means for your business and how you can use the “extraordinary formula” to improve your marriage and your business.

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083 Jason Hartman | Life of Abundance

 Jason HartmanYou can tell tons about people by the excuses they give you about their business and life.  You can tell if they see the scarcity in everything or the abundance.

Jason Hartman has reached a level of success that many business owners dream of. He has been able to create enough wealth in his life to start a foundation for deserving kids to give them “financial awareness” (a missing element in our schools today).   Listen to this episode to hear Jason share his journey to success despite the challenges along the way.

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082 Susan Baroncini-Moe | There Is No Silver Bullet in Business

Susan Baroncini-MoeLet me let you in on a secret. Are you ready? There is no “one thing” that will turn your business around. A business is a collection of systems, processes and of course, people. You can’t just fix one thing or buy one tool and it all turns around.

But don’t take my word for it…Susan Baroncini-Moe, author of “Business in Blue Jeans” shares her perspective on growing a business. Listen to this episode for new insights.

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Start With Vision

image taken from http://jennymayandswede.blogspot.gr/

image taken from http://jennymayandswede.blogspot.gr/

Last Tuesday, I kicked off my Leaders in the Trenches program with 7 inspiring individuals. Some of the areas we are focusing on are identifying their target market and ideal clients so that they can build the business of their dreams. I’m having so much fun with this especially because I am getting the opportunity to share one of the most important things that have helped me through my entrepreneurial journey: VISION. In this article, I go through how i used vision to make my dreams come true and how you can do it too.

How I used VISION in my life

The day of January 15th, 2010 was a game changer for me when I suffered a great professional loss.

In 2001, I started a ticket brokering business from the ground up. After 9 years, I was bringing in millions in annual revenue. Suddenly, a breach of contract with one of my main suppliers totally wiped my company out.

I soon realized I needed to focus on my future. I didn’t have any ideas or plans, but I knew I still wanted to work for myself. I needed a VISION that could never be stolen. I saw that basing my business on making money was basing it on something that could be stolen. I recognized I wanted a business based on helping others and creating as much value as possible.

“People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ~ Maya Angelou

This precise sentiment became the core of my new VISION.

I wanted a business that helped people improve their lives. I remembered hiring a business coach at the beginning of my ticket brokerage business. With the coach’s help, I turned my company into a million dollar business. I realized I wanted to catalyze profound impact for others like my coach did for me.

Why VISION is so important for your business?

VISION is the foundation for everything that follows – your business plan, your marketing plan, and even getting a loan. Without VISION, we lack clarity and confidence to achieve greatness.

Here are the benefits of creating a VISION. “You” refers to you both individually and as a company.

• VISION gives you direction based on powerful emotion

• VISION connects the business to you

• VISION pulls you into action (“Pulls” is more powerful than pushing. VISION that’s powerful will “Pull” you to action).

• VISION serves as a lens to focus strategies, plans, and actions

• VISION can be critical to building a thriving business that encourages raving fans (Hint: I have another program that walks you through “How to have Raving Fans”.

Enemies to your VISION.

What are the challenges blocking your VISION? Here are some you might relate to:

#1 VISIONS take too long, I am in a hurry.

#2 I have a project plan (or strategy, blueprint, etc) already.

#3 It is impossible.

#4 It is too expensive.

#5 I lack skills.

#6 I need to shoot lower, because it is too hard (or big).

#7 Spending too much time on your VISION.

Number 7 is important. Don’t get paralyzed about your VISION- let it breathe.

How to use your VISION.

VISION must be incorporated into your company’s culture in order to map out its future.

A holistic approach works best. The leadership team needs to give input into the creation and implementation of the new VISION to present a united front to the rest of the company.

Share the VISION…

Once your VISION takes shape, share your VISION and request feedback from colleagues, partners, clients, and employees. Not only is this great marketing, you get feedback on what does/doesn’t work.

Review Process for your VISION

A VISION is a living part to a business that evolves as you and your company evolve. Be wary of changing the VISION too often. This will depend on how often your company changes. Quarterly reviews for small adjustments is fine. You should not make your VISION so near term that it needs to be updated more than once per year.

Look at your VISION daily. I have my VISION for Core Elevation posted in my office. When I need to make a big decision, I think about how the options fit into my VISION.

How long should a VISION statement be?

It should be full enough to really convey the future of your business and be easily understood by others (less than one page with clear bullets).

I have included the VISION for by business from May 2012. Use a similar framework to develop yours.

Core Elevation – The Vision (example)

Core Elevation is a million dollar brand to support entrepreneurs and small business owners GROW their business with purpose and on purpose. My primary focus is leaders that want to establish themselves as experts in their target market.

We serve clients to remove barriers and connect them to their ideal clients more deeply.

Our Why: To serve people to generate new actions and results and inspire them to think bigger and find more joy in their business.

Our How: Be Bold, Give Value through coaching, consulting, and training.

What: Create value equal to 10x investments all clients.

Accomplishments by end of 2013 (I have not achieved all of these):

• Inspire 1,000 leaders to have the business of their dreams by connecting with our Facebook or email list.

• Deliver 20 speeches to 20 or more people and 4 more speeches to more than 75.

• Establish a Podcast to my target market interviewing experts inside the industry and connects me to influencers of my target market.

• Develop online platform for coaching and training.

• Publish a book on Amazon focusing on my target market to attract more ideal clients.

• Develop a combination of private/group coaching offering that allows me to work with multiple clients.

• Generate profits to continue the development of a team that believes what we believe, specifically with social media/marketing, administration and content development.

• Create enough “buzz” in the marketplace that people are talking about us even when we are not in the room (positive talk).

• Make incredible impact with all of those I come in contact with regardless of them being a client or not.

Plant your seeds wisely and expect great results. Download this worksheet and start cultivating the joyous business you know you deserve.

Get it here: http://leadersinthetrenches.com/start-with-vision

In the comments of this page, share your VISION and provide feedback to those you are drawn to.

081 David Hooper | The Keys to Building Your Audience

David HooperWhen you understand the value of an “audience” to your business your life will change.  You won’t see just numbers and sales, you will see the people.  You will see the problems they have and see the solutions they need.

David Hooper with the RED podcast shares how to get your audience to love you,  buy your offers, and tell their friends about you.  Discover what David had to “let go of” to find success for his business.

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080 Monique Caradine | Every Winner Has a Coach

Monique CaradineWho do you have in your life that helps you see another perspective? Who do you have that holds you accountable? Who do you have that shares wisdom and insights with you when you need it most? For sports fans out there…think about the role of the coach for every professional team in the world.

But the shocking reality is most business owners don’t understand the value of a coach in their own professional life. Monique Caradine shares her journey to being a winner and the value of a coach in her life. We talk about the importance of vision, hustle and passion. Discover why “every winner has a coach”.

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079 Jeremiah Claybrooks | The Story of Struggle to Success

Jeremiah ClaybrooksTaking contract work to make ends meet…burning the midnight oil with freelance clients…balancing work and family…living with stress all the time.  Does this story sound similar to yours?

Discover what Jeremiah Claybrooks did to end this struggle and end up with a business that makes him incredibly happy.  In fact, we talk with Jeremiah about what he called his “happiness level”.  Don’t miss his practical and actionable tip at the end of the episode.

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078 Michael Stelzner | Finding Your Sweet Spot

Michael StelznerEvery business owner struggles in the beginning to bring in revenue.  They tend to lean on friends and their network. But as quickly as you can, you must find your sweet spot in business.

This is exactly what Michael Stelzner did when he launched his digital agency to make it into a big success.  We also discuss being ‘in the trenches” in his business now, Social Media Examiner.  Michael opens up in this episode and shares his journey of blood, sweat, tears, failures, and fears.

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