095 Gene Hammett | Why Content Marketing Is Not the Silver Bullet

095 Gene HammettContent marketing is all the rage. To some people it’s just a buzzword, but content marketing real. I wholeheartedly believe in content marketing because creating valuable content for your website such as blogs, videos and audio (i.e., podcasts) is important to grow your business. Every business that has an online presence is judged by the content they publish or don’t publish.

If you are still reading, then you know about the value of content marketing and you know you can’t just stop publishing content. You’ve got to take steps to promote your content to specific people looking for it. Inside this episode, I share a number of ways that you can get your content directly to your ideal clients to generate quality leads for your business.

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Gene’s Target Audience: Gene works with entrepreneurs who want to find the perfect match between their unique value and the people who will become their best clients and biggest fans. That perfect match is their “bullseye,” where they can add the most benefit and create the greatest wealth.

In this episode Gene talks about how you can use your business to achieve financial freedom. The foundational element to it all is to have SYSTEMS in place. Systems hold you accountable and provide consistency within your business.

Gene created cheat sheet to specifically help those having trouble managing this: “The Ultimate Guide to Systems”

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So, what is content marketing anyway? Content marketing is about creating specific content that is targetable. It’s focused on solving a specific problem. It’s your job to identify that problem because that is the foundational base for you to create content from.

The marketing you want to create should aim to stimulate a response from your target audience and ultimately generate leads. It should be VALUABLE to your targets. Decide the purpose behind your content- what do you want your target audience to do? Create content in a way that motivates them to take action.

There are different platforms to choose from. What platform(s) is most appropriate for your business?

  • Blogging (the written word)
  • Videos
  • Podcasting
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095 Gene HammettThe content you create is not meant to simply sit on your website. PROMOTION must be planned and executed. Creating content that solves a problem and promoting it positions you as the AUTHORITY. So how do we do this?

By remained as targeted and personal as possible. Reaching out to someone and merely “checking in” is totally ineffective because it’s not specific or personal! Your intention of what you want to share with a certain individual should be anything but generic. Educate yourself on their struggle so you can identify the need before you get on the call.

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In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How to informed yourself about who you are targetting before contacting them
  • Why identifying the need is powerful for your business
  • Why “checking in” is ineffective and how to get more personal
  • How to use different social media platforms to your advantage
  • Freebies designed just for you and links to grab them
  • How to position yourself as the “authority”
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Practical & Actionable:

Create content that is valuable (specifically solves a problem) and targeted and choose the marketing platform you feel works best for your business in order to PROMOTE.

Resources and Links

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094 Wes Schaeffer | Do You Believe Sales is a Dirty Word?

Wes SchaefferSales to many people represents the pushy and sometimes even the slimy. When you have even the slightest resistance to sales, you tend to look for ways to avoid it. Let me share a secret with you: this kind of thinking is hurting your business (and your bank account). Wes Schaeffer from The Sales Whisperer talks with me about Sales and the mindset that creeps into our heads causing us to make excuses about not making that sales call or even that follow- up call that is important to our business. Listen in to this interview to shift your sales into a new gear.

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Wes’s Target Audience: Mostly small business owners and entrepreneurs- the man on the street that wants to get better. [Read more...]

093 David Neagle | The Missing Elements In Your Sales Process

David-NeagleEveryone is a buyer, because everyone likes to buy. That’s right: we all like to buy things because it usually solves a problem and/or moves us forward. However, there is a natural resistance to being “sold”. Discover the missing elements in your sales process with David Neagle by understanding these new principles in sales. In this episode, David shares how a shift in your own perspective can improve your sales process. When you identify the missing elements explored here, you can take your sales and your business to the next level. Join David and I as we uncover the deep wisdom in sales that’s rarely ever talked about in any traditional sales training programs.

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David’s Target Audience: David works with entrepreneurs to help them accelerate their income. His focus is on helping entrepreneurs who want to make a difference for themselves and for others. They are either in one of two places: 1) either they are trying to figure out how to make it easier for themselves so they stop struggling or 2) they are ready to take it to the next level. What David finds is that there is a mindset block in the way and he aims to help them break free of all that. Usually people are feeling stuck because they are burdened with not having enough money or not knowing how to get more money. [Read more...]

092 Abbie Burhans | The Power of Connecting Through a Live Event

Abbie BurhansMany people have misconceptions about events. Not all events are three days and hundreds or thousands of people. In fact, events come in all sizes. Today we talk about small intimate events that can boost your business. Abbie Burhans with Event Foundations has worked in the hospitality industry for years and she now helps coaches (and others) organize their small events to showcase their brilliance. Listen in to this episode for a dose of creativity to grow your business.

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Abbie’s Target Audience: includes small business owners, entrepreneurs, and coaches that want to grow their businesses by holding live events. Her purpose with Event Foundations is to work very closely with her clients as they are going through this process.

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091 Emily Chase Smith | Trying Harder Is Not The Solution, It Is The Problem

Emily Chase SmithMany entrepreneurs hold the common belief that “trying harder” will lead them to personal and financial success. They continue to try harder even though results are lacking. “Trying Harder” is not the solution. In fact, trying harder is the problem, because it keeps you from seeing what you need to see. Emily Chase Smith shares her journey from being a bankruptcy lawyer to becoming Financially Savvy. Emily talks about how she used to work harder to find her way (sound familiar?) to discovering the power of stepping back and gaining a new perspective.

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Emily’s Target Audience: Emily’s target audience includes small business owners bringing in a revenue amount of around $200,000- $2 million who are seeking to become more aware and educated about their own personal finances to prevent bankruptcy or other financial mishaps.

Emily started out as a traditional attorney in her legal career and soon progressed into practicing bankruptcy law. She felt this was a space where she could really serve people. She specialized in helping small business owners who were faced with big business failures.

In working with small business owners, she quickly realized that there were multiple preventative measures that could have been put in place. This inspired her to become a Financial Educator where the mission was to prevent these devastating occurrences from happening.

TWEET THIS: “You’ve got to step back and give your brain room to be creative, room to figure out who to connect with, room to see how you can bring more value to people.”- Emily Chase Smith

Emily was motivated to start serving people by helping them to cultivate a financial plan designed to avoid a painful financial situation. She knew that creating a “practical and actionable” plan tailored to each small business owner’s situation could prevent financial chaos.

Emily Chase-SmithEmily significantly points out that one of the major problems small business owners face is that they are too afraid of looking at their finances. They hide from it. They avoid it. It is now Emily’s mission to help people face this all too common fear and create a plan that works.

TWEET THIS: “These types of untraditional business models are about being and serving.” - Emily Chase Smith

Emily knew that if she truly wanted to be of service to others, she would have to think alternatively. In this episode, Emily admits how large of a transition it was and that she is ‘still in the trenches’ learning as she moves along.
She’s discovered that “injecting as much fun” as possible into the work she does is imperative. This includes bringing in her ukulele on stage with her when she does speaking events.

In creating a business Emily loves where she gets to serve people in a way that’s not so traditional, she also had to let go of certain beliefs. Beliefs such as: ‘working harder will get you better results.’ Emily states that this belief is simply not true in the Financial Education world.

And that’s the major difference between traditional business models and untraditional business models. Untraditional models are about serving and you cannot serve if you are always “doing.”

Tweet this: “You’ve got to be somebody who links their arms with fear.” - Emily Chase Smith

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How to link arms with fear and why fear is your friend
  • Why self promotion is about serving others
  • Why it’s more important to “be” rather than “do” when it comes to running a small business
  • Why ‘working harder’ doesn’t work in small business
  • How ridding your belief of working harder will better serve you and your clients
  • Why hiding or avoiding from your personal finances is a recipe for disaster
  • Don’t take “no’s so personally
  • Emily’s 6 point framework
Tweet this: “It’s not really self promotion when you are looking to serve other people.” - Emily Chase Smith

Practical & Actionable:

Emily says that because you are really the only one who is aware of all the moving pieces of your business, it makes you uniquely positioned to understand your finances better than anyone else. You can do this!

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