142 | From $1 to $23 Million in Ten Months with Mike Agugliaro

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142-MikeAgugliaro-featuredIf the title didn’t catch your eye, lean in a little closer. Listen and learn to how Mike Agugliaro completely shifted his business by shifting his mindset, skills and frequency of taking action in as little as 10 months. It’s incredible what is possible when intentional tweaks are made. When in a place of true service, trust is one major factor essential to the process. It just goes to show that guiding others in producing successful results brings you extraordinary success.

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Mike’s Target Audience: Mike serves business owners by coaching business owners of plumbing, heating, cooling, electric and pest control companies. The aim is to guide  them on how to grow their business fast and easily.

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141 | Creating Funnels for Ultimate Optimization with Zach Johnson

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141-Zach-Johnson-featuredCreating content and sharing it is not enough. If you find yourself in the trenches, one of the reasons could be that you are not keeping track of your conversion rates. Zach Johnson shares with us today why tracking performance is essential. While this is no small task, this is something you could outsource. Game Changer for Profits does just that. If you are unsure about the performance of your conversion rates, lean into this episode to learn all about optimization.

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Zach’s Target Audience: Zach the runs marketing for Leadpages and Ontraport with Game Changer For Profits. The mission there is to help consultants and coaches specifically build their online webinar funnels to ultimately convert potential clients into paying clients. This niche may not necessarily have the technical abilities or team to execute on a marketing funnel and so Game Changer for Profits serves as their outsource solution.
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140 | Get the Gig: Series 3 of 3 with Gene Hammett

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140-gene-hammett-featuredToday, I share with you the the third episode in this “Get the Gig” series and what personally works for me. I’ll be specifically honing in on “unpaid” gigs that produce big payoffs. Getting on the stage requires that you get out of your comfort zone and stretch yourself. I’ll be sharing the common myths and mistakes people make in the process of booking their speaking gigs. And even more importantly how to land your gigs.

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Gene’s Target Audience: Gene works with entrepreneurs who want to find the perfect match between their unique value and the people who will become their best clients and biggest fans.

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139 | Get the Gig – Speaker Series 2 of 3 with Chris Brogan

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139-Chris-Brogan-FeaturedTaking the stage is a great way to promote your business and claim your authority. You can do it at local events or your next step might be national events or perhaps you are ready to get paid. Discover the insider secrets with today’s guest, Chris Brogan. Chris is a powerful and entertaining speaker. He shares what he has learned in his many years of getting paid well for speaking to corporations and even a 6th grade class too.

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Target Audience: Chris is the CEO of Owner Media Group people that helps entrepreneurs who be more human at a distance.

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138 | Get the Gig – Speaker Series 1 of 3 with Jane Atkinson

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138-Jane-Atkinson-featuredSpeaking on stages big or small is a great way to grow your business and position your authority.  If you have a message or just a desire to share your core belief, you can get some great tips inside this episode.  Today’s guest is Jane Atkinson, author of “The Wealthy Speaker 2.0,” helps speakers catapult their business to the next level.  Jane is best known for helping people take big stages and get big money too.  She shares how you can position yourself from commodity to authority.

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Target Audience: Jane specifically serves those who already speak professionally or those who would like to speak more and fit under the umbrella of being an expert.

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137 | Leaders Are Not Born- They’re Developed with Brian Holmes

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137-brian-holmes-featuredMost of us are conditioned to think that Leaders are “born.” In other words, you are either a born or leader or you are not. This is not true according to Brian Holmes who shares with us today that leaders are developed. Developing into a leader however, is not something one does so well alone. All great leaders have mentors and coaches because they know all too well that they cannot see their own blindspots. If you are seeking your inner leader, join us today to discover how you can create the right supports around you and fulfill your own destiny!

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Target Audience: Brian serves those striving to connect with their inner leader. He works to transform and shift their mindsets,  activating their destinies and fulfilling their highest potentials.

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136 | Speed Of The Team Is Determined By The Speed Of The Leader With Matt Miller

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136-Matt-Miller-featuredLeadership in business is essential yet often misunderstood. Leadership begins inside the leader; however most of the focus starts on the actions (external). Matt Miller is President and founder of School Spirit Vending. Matt talks about the culture of his company and how focusing on culture has shifted his impact. He shares the insights he has gained in building a very successful business that helps schools raise money for educational programs. Matt discusses with me about the speed of the leader and the importance of that in achieving goals.

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Target Audience: Matt works with aspiring business owners who have a desire to duplicate what he and his company do in the vending and school funding industry. His vending company serves a team of 40 different families and several thousand schools providing passive free fundraising for them.

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135 | Making the Shift from Overwhelmed and Overworked with Chris Atley

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135-Chris-Atley-featuredIt seems like we are surrounded with work and cannot find a way to create barriers between work and life. There is always so much to do and the stress that comes with life is just accepted as “the way it is”. In the interview with Chris Atley, we discuss balance and burnout. Chris has worked with entrepreneurs to make the shift from overwhelmed and overworked to peace and freedom. Discover what Chris had to work through so she could serve her audience.

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Chris’s Target Audience: Chris works with small business owners and entrepreneurs who feel overwhelmed by their workload. This includes coaches, consultants, health practitioners, service based professionals. Her goal is to helps them to find a work- life balance.

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134 | On the Other Side of Fear is Amazing with Pat Flynn

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134-Pat-Flynn-featuredONE YEAR!!! I can’t believe it. Today, we talk about fear. Specifically, the fear that you encounter when you have to let go of something that is comfortable. It might even be working right now. Our guest is Pat Flynn. Pat is the founder of so many things – podcasts, books, apps, niched websites – but he is most known for “Smart Passive Income”. Pat shares the fears he faced in growing his business and hiring top players for his business (called Team Flynn). Pat also tells us who he would hire to be his coach – well if he could! Find out in this episode all about Pat, his fears and his dream coach.

In the social set up for this one, don’t reveal who he would hire. Let it be a secret or to spark curiosity. Pat has a huge following on twitter so we need to leverage that to get them to listen in.

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Target Audience: Pat aims to be as transparent as possible with everything he does online for those seeking to create passive income online.

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133 | Charismatic Leadership and Inspirational Leadership – Which Do You Want? with Peter Docker

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Peter Docker

The difference between Charismatic Leadership and Inspirational Leadership may seem subtle. A leader can be charismatic and inspire others. It also works the other way too. But Inspirational Leadership is focused more on the greater good, whereas as the Charismatic Leader is more inwardly focused on himself. Our guest today is Peter Docker who is colleagues with Best Selling Author, Simon Sinek. Both Peter and Simon are spreading a message around the world to inspire people to be extraordinary and to do work that is significant. This interview is filled with wisdom and insights on being authentic and real. Join me by listening to this episode.

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Target Audience: Peter says he helps people achieve what they want to achieve. This includes many different types of people – whether individuals and companies both large and small. Peter believes we all operate on a biological level in the same ways. With that as Peter’s foundational WHY, he authentically connects to his audience because the desire to keep achieving and improving is universal in all of us.

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