The First Step to Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone

Comfort ZoneThere is a joy and peace to staying in your comfort zone. The comfort zone is safe. The comfort zone is “home” to us. We want the predictability that comes with being in our comfort zone. And we will fight anything that threatens to move us out of it.

However, many people get stuck in their comfort zone and believe that life is just about finding and staying in there. When you are in the comfort zone, you avoid risk and attempt to keep it easy and comfortable. Is this really even living? But this thinking is detrimental to your growth and stretching to a new level.

I am fortunate enough in my profession as a business coach to talk to so many people about life, business and a new future. Most everyone enjoys talking about this new future. It is the big vision they have for themselves and the goals that have yet to be attained. They talk about all parts of their life…mainly because I ask them about it. Just this week I had more than a dozen conversations with people I barely know about their vision. There is clarity about what they want, yet they can’t put into words what keeps them from their success.

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