245 | How to Create a Personal Brand with Stefanie Diaz

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Our guest, Stefanie Diaz is the founder of Mastermind Your Launch. We talk about owning who you are to launch a business. This episode is about how to play on your strengths. We also delve into the power of content marketing and how it can accelerates your business. What are your own personal strengths and how will you use them to serve the world?


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Target Audience: Stefanie serves startups to serial entrepreneurs by helping them crate a marketing strategy with an intentional focus on personal branding and content creation. These are the areas that accelerated her own success.


Do you understand the power of having a professional brand? It’s about claiming awareness about where your strengths are and how you serve the world.


Mastermind Your Launch

This was a passion project Stefanie delved into when she knew she wanted to start her own business. So, she formed a mastermind of ambitious women who held her accountable through her process.


What Personal Branding Means to Stefanie

What’s most often asked when it comes to personal branding is, “How do you want to show up and be perceived?” But for Stefanie it is more about bringing one’s personality to the forefront.


Email Marketing


Stefanie advises her clients to make sure to place an image – a photo- in emails that reveal a personal story and who they are. You want to inspire your audience to share it with others.


Stefanie finds that people hesitate to even share their enthusiasm because they are concerned about a certain structure they THINK they SHOULD follow. But for startups, your enthusiasm is part of how you connect with people. It is about how you wave that flag and get people to follow you.


When it comes to sharing the bad- share from your scar not from your wound. The Wound- shows you are still going through it. Bigger impact is created with your scar because it shows you have made it through to the other side. You take them through the journey of seeing what’s possible.

How Stefanie Got Here

She did a business program in college and afterwards landed a job with a startup company. It was an opportunity to see the inner workings of a company. Sales and marketing was the focus. But she also was able to explore other areas. What she took away was how the entrepreneur thought strategically. It gave her the confidence to launch a business.


When her son was born, it totally launched her to create a business she loved and what helped to birth “Mastermind Your Launch.” Internally, she felt a responsibility to set an example for her son. She wanted him to grow up watching her doing what she really loved.  


Owning Your Truth

When you shine your light and people are watching, you don’t know who you will inspire.


Content Marketing

Content Marketing accelerates everything that you do.

  1. When it comes to advertising, (let’s say with a business card for example) people have their walls up. However, when we are offered a piece of content, we read, share and like it. The brain is more open because they don’t feel like they’re being sold something.
  2. Allows you to leverage your time and reach many people all at once. By sharing value, you nurture and grow relationships.


Playing on Your Strengths

Showing your authenticity and personality means sharing the good and sharing the bad.


Speaking to get clients  

Making the invitation requires confidence. The intention must come from a place of offering them the opportunity to get to know them better.


The Trap of Success

Stefanie was enjoying a ‘nice’ lifestyle before she launched her business. She didn’t have a reason to launch a business and to risk any stability. Yet she wasn’t loving what she was doing. She was comfortable. Her son being born flipped her perspective. This has brought so much more meaning in her life.



In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Owning who you are to launch a business
  • What inspired Stefanie to take the plunge
  • What the Trap of Success means to Stefanie
  • How to play on your strengths
  • Why content marketing accelerates a business


Practical and Actionable:

THINK BIG when creating your personal brand. We may feel intimidated by people who are actually doing this. We may feel we are NOT on their level and go the ‘cookie cutter’ route. GO ALL IN. Share a big message- something that is not out there. And that only lies within you. Only YOU carry that message. People want to work with others whom they know, like and trust.


Resources and Links

How is your business going…would you like to talk about it?

I love my audience of listeners. I really do. I would love to help you in some way. I started doing calls with listeners and realized that it was a great way to understand you.

Okay, then I formalized the process to offer a Results Roadmap… it is a private one-on-one call with me about your business. I want to help you see your roadmap with more clarity and confidence. Find out more about the Results Roadmap (it takes you to my personal website). This is not a sales pitch. Let me serve you.


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243 | Recap of 2016 with Gene Hammett

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243 | Recap of 2016 with Gene Hammett

Join us on this very special episode where I share the good, the bad and the ugly of 2016. I talk about what worked, what didn’t and the transformational changes I am going through. I get real and vulnerable about what the Trap of Success means to me and how to reach for more than a comfort zone. Plus, I share some of the exciting upcoming projects I’ve got going on to help you step up your game.

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Target Audience: Gene serves individuals who are committed. They already are or are on their way to becoming leaders. They are not afraid of doing the work to create a thriving business.

I started off the year 2016 with 3 words which set an intention, a tone, a theme. Those words were:

  • Focus
  • Connection
  • Transformation

On this episode, I want to share with you how I grew internally and how that showed up in my business.
Why this episode?

  1. I want you to understand me. It’s about genuine and authentic connection. It is important for me to show who I am.
  2. I want to help you make better decisions for you, your business and your life. My purpose in sharing myself is to help you grow forward.

FOCUS: What it means to me…

I chose the word FOCUS because I realized that I was losing out on opportunities. I was spread across too many different projects.

So, I decided to engage in a “100 Day Challenge” back in January. I committed to having 100 conversations. The outcome of that was I got 4 speaking gigs, new clients and partnerships. This was all because I forced myself to focus on making those phone calls. I released that filter of fear to call someone I didn’t know. A breakthrough for me was when I transformed the barriers. After doing this in the beginning of 2016, I received a fantastic jolt in my business.

Writing My Book: The Trap of Success

This was admittedly a tough process. I heard so many people say, “The best book you’ll ever read, is the book you write yourself.” I delved into the concept of fear- how it impacts me and others. I martialled through that and now I am ready to amp that up to the next level in the coming year.


I got a few paid gigs. And there were other gigs that got me clients. I also go to help others get speaking gigs that connected them to potential clients.

The RIGHT Clients

I had some instances of having a funny feeling when enrolling people. I had this gut feeling where I knew it wasn’t going to be right. But, I took them on anyway. And this ended up sucking time and energy out of me. I realized that when I focus on choosing the right clients- those I’d have dinner with maybe – (or people I just truly enjoy being around) those are usually the right fit. My clients are those whom I like at the core and I happen to also appreciate the impact they are making.


Such an important word. The intention of this word stemmed from a desire to be more present for others. I want to be there for clients and people in my life. For instance, when it comes to speaking, it is more than just words. I realized that there is a unique mechanism there- which is your uniqueness. It is something no one else has- yet it can be a scary to show your true self. Yet, it allows others to see you in a different light. It allows them to select you as THE choice, not just A choice.

For example, when I work with a client who wants to take speaking to the next level, I focus on helping them identify where they are speaking, getting the right speech in front of the right audience and how to deliver that speech in the right way. That maximizes CONNECTION.

Without the right audience, your message cannot be heard. Writing the speech with the connection in mind, helps you to write a speech that moves the audience. This is where Connection trumps Communication.  



I shifted my own perception of how I see the world. I am still shifting into the person that I want to be in order to receive the results and goals important to me for my growth and significance.

What Were My Struggles?

Patience. Not my strong suit. I realized growth comes from pain and adversity and it continues. Those are moments for growth and an opportunity to step in. Time management is huge. I know now that I must hone in on what’s really important so that I have maximum energy to execute on those things. Having that down time to recharge is equally as important.


2017 & What’s Coming Up!

My word for 2017 UNSTOPPABLE. What does that mean? To me, it means having clarity and direction to move forward.
The Trap of Success in coming out. Go here to access it. 

Download the first 2 chapters. Do what’s inside the book and let me know what impact is coming up for you.

Authority Camp is also coming out. This is a self study/virtual program on how to use speaking to get clients. It is about discovering and booking the right gigs. It will teach you how to write the speech that can be used over and over again. A free training will be available. Stay tuned!



In this episode we’ll cover:

  • The good, the bad and the ugly of 2016
  • How Focus, Connection & Transformation played out in 2016
  • My struggle with patience
  • The vulnerability it takes to connect with others
  • What I’ve got coming up for you in 2017


Practical and Actionable:

Download the first 2 chapters of The Trap of Success HERE. 

Do what’s inside the book and let me know what impact is coming up for you by getting in touch with me for a conversation.


Resources and Links


174 | A Constant Flow of Ideal Clients with Dov Gordon

174finalEvery business, yes every business, needs clients to survive. Find out in this episode what it takes to get a steady flow of ideal clients. I interview Dov Gordon who coaches entrepreneurs to create a steady flow of ideal clients. Dov shares a simple set of questions to help you on your journey.

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Target Audience: Dov focuses on coaches and consultants. He specifically chooses to work with those who are masters of their craft (rather than those seeking quick success). His service is for those who have an inner knowing that they are meant to make an impact and are ready to work on it.

What is an ideal client?

  • An ideal client respects you
  • An ideal client is ready, able and willing to pay for the value you bring
  • An ideal client will endorse you to others

Dov advises to seek those looking for your help. The only reason to have a niche is to formulate a clear message.

174finalsmABOUT THEM: getting attention and interests of your ideal clients…

  • What problems do you help solve? And, what results do you enable?
  • Who has those problems?
  • Who wants those results?

ABOUT YOU: What you want…

  • What are the qualities and characteristics does your ideal client have?


Creating a constant lead flow and the questions you want to evoke in their heads with these SIX elements…

  1. Should i pay attention?Is it interesting? (remember, it’s a problem they have and don’t want + a result they want but don’t have)
  2. Can I trust you? That you care and are able?
  3. Is what you recommend right for me?
  4. Then, give them a taste: a hand raising free offer (webinar, product.. etc) and getting noticed…
  5. The sales conversation
  6. Your irresistible and compelling offer.



In this episode we’ll cover:

  • What an ideal client actually is
  • Why it’s best to seek those looking for your help
  • Getting the attention of your ideal clients
  • Understanding what you want in your ideal client
  • The 6 steps to follow in creating a steady flow of leads

Practical and Actionable:

Answer these 3 q’s.. (hint: it is best to gain feedback from a coach here):

  1. What problems do you help solve? And, what results do you enable?
  2. Who has those problems?
  3. Who wants those results?


Resources and Links


Do you have questions about today’s episode!?

Did you know that you can apply to chat with me by phone? This is a limited time offer to help anyone that is serious about refining their business as well as developing a clear & compelling strategy that will drive them forward. Complete the questions and our team will follow up with you to schedule time for your “Business Breakthrough Session”. These are limited to 30 minutes, completely free and oh, so valuable.  Apply Now!


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164 | Release Fear and Get in Your Flow with Rich Litvin

164-Rich-Litvin-featuredAs entrepreneurs, we can get caught up in the business side of things. There’s so much to think about: funnels, list building, package pricing, website design, and the list just goes on and on. Today’s guest- Rich Litvin, co- author of The Prosperous Coach believes all that business ‘stuff’ falls right into place when the individual is in FLOW. FLOW is who we truly are minus our limiting belief systems. It is who we are without fear. As a coach, Rich has made it his aim to help those who want to help themselves by cleaning up the lens they see through. Through the practice of deep coaching, asking powerful questions and showing up as purely authentic, we can all be the types of coaches who make shift happen for our clients.

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140 | Get the Gig: Series 3 of 3 with Gene Hammett

140-gene-hammett-featuredToday, I share with you the the third episode in this “Get the Gig” series and what personally works for me. I’ll be specifically honing in on “unpaid” gigs that produce big payoffs. Getting on the stage requires that you get out of your comfort zone and stretch yourself. I’ll be sharing the common myths and mistakes people make in the process of booking their speaking gigs. And even more importantly how to land your gigs.

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Gene’s Target Audience: Gene works with entrepreneurs who want to find the perfect match between their unique value and the people who will become their best clients and biggest fans.

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