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307 | Values are the Heart of Leadership with Bryan Falchuk

Values are the heart of leadership. If you are not clear about your values, how can you expect others around you to be clear? Bryan Falchuck shares how leadership and values relate. Listen in for more details on how clarifying values transforms the way you show up as a Leader. Target Audience: Bryan is focused […]

302 | The Brand Ambassador Series: CMO of Sage

  Ron McMurtrie, CMO of Sage talks to us about the Evolution of Marketing. Where being ahead of the game means staying relevant with their customers. In today’s world of marketing, it is not about mapping out their customer journey. It is about allowing the customer to map out their own journey. By managing a […]

301 | The Brand Ambassador Series: VP of The One Thing

    Discover how empire builders are letting others build an empire for themselves. Keller Williams Realty has embarrassed the idea of “Internal Brand Ambassadors.” The interview today is with Geoff Woods who shares how he has stepped in as VP of The One Thing. He is a perfect example of Brand Ambassadors sharing the […]

300 | The Brand Ambassador Series: Microsoft

Christi Olsen is a leader for digital marketing teams. On this episode, she talks about her passion for empowering these teams to speak on stage effectively to convey their true marketing message. Christi is an expert on how to put the customer first. We talk about why this is the foundation for any business and […]

299 | Activating The Purpose Within

So, you’ve achieved the level of success you’ve always wanted, but you thought you’d feel better than you actually do. Our guest, Craig Filek, created Purpose Mapping. Purpose Mapping is about grounding who you are and how you serve others. On this episode, we dive into cultivating a daily practice that boosts dopamine levels to […]

298 | The Sober Entrepreneur

Russ Perry wants you to ask yourself what is making your life hard. Are you willing to give that up?  For Russ, it was his relationship with alcohol. It was holding him back from being the best he could be. What are you addicted to? What is holding you back from living a life? On […]

297 | Growth is Not An Accident with Greg Centineo

  Greg Centineo is all about working with your team to cultivate hypergrowth. The journey  of Hypergrowth is not a solo process. Growth is about building clear intention collaboratively with your team. It is about the power of a shared vision. Companies stop growing because leaders think they forget to nurture the very people who […]

296 | What I Learned To Help You Grow – Year End Review

On this episode, I take a moment to reflect back on all the wins and lessons learned over 2017. Plus, I share what I’ve got planned for 2018. This year marked the year where I got to publish my book “The Trap of Success.” I also got to speak on stage 25 different times. It’s […]