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057 Sharon Lechter | Every Business Owner Goes Through This Struggle

Everybody who has ever started a business has struggled with THIS one thing.  Even today’s guest, Sharon Lechter who has started multiple businesses as well as authored over 20 books ranging from children’s books to financial literacy (including being one of the co-authors of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, with Robert Kiyosaki), struggles with this one […]

056 Josh Turner | Building Relationships with Linkedin

How are you using Linkedin? Today we talk about ways that you can increase your effectiveness with this social platform to get more quality leads for your business (and some mistakes to avoid too). Josh Turner started a company called LinkedSelling to help business owners harness the power of Linkedin. Josh shares tons of practical […]

055 Gene Hammett | Get More Done In Less Time

Time is our most valuable resource. You can make more money, but you can’t make more time. Discover the enemies to being productive and why “I D.I.D. I.T” is so important to getting more done. This episode is full of facts and insights plus some helpful tools and a practical exercise. Share the LOVE and […]

054 Joleene Moody| Finding Speaking Gigs, It is That Easy

Have you ever thought of taking the stage to share your insights and wisdom? Have you ever thought, “I want to talk to a group of people that can use what I know?” Have you stopped yourself because you don’t know how to take the next steps? Well, now it is time to discover what […]

053 Gene Wright | Crowd Funding to Scale Up Your Business

What happens after bootstrapping your business to doing pretty good. Well for many of you, you need to raise money to reach a new market, add new people, or innovate further. Traditional sources are tight, really tight with money these days even for the best run companies. Enter, my friend, Gene Wright who is working […]

052 Matthew May | Niche, Niche, Niche – the Journey of The Tech CPA

So many of the episodes on this show talk about the power of the niche. You might resist it now, but listen in to Matthew May share his journey of specializing his CPA powers on clients in the field of technology and let me know why it does not work for you. Matthew’s path took […]

051 Ryan Daniel Moran | Be Very Intentional about Your Lifestyle Design

Tons of business owners get it all wrong. They search for ideas about businesses and analyze business models. At the end of all this research, they usually get what they are looking for…but end up regretting it in the long run. Ryan Daniel Moran discovered it is best to think of the lifestyle that you […]

050 Katie Krimitsos |Marketing is Really About Creating A Community

Every business aims to get more customers (which is VERY important to keep the lights on) and most businesses seek to create raving fans. However, marketing in this new economy is actually about creating a “community” for ideal clients. This episode is about community and we talk with Katie Krimitsos about her journey to create […]

049 Phil McGrath | 3 Principles to Content Strategy Success

Content Marketing is all the rage in marketing today.  It’s the strategy of creating valuable content that positions you as the authority in your market. Phil McGrath has built a business based on his passion for the idea of writing valuable content for people that crave it.  Phil has been passionate about this topic for […]

048 Kristen Brown | Brand Differentiation Is More Than Your USP

No more clones.  No more being just like everyone in your industry. In episode 48, Kristen Brown shares how you can stand apart from everyone else by properly using a few simple aspects of branding. Kristen would know; after 15 years, she left corporate America to strike out on her own.  Since creating and branding […]