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How to accelerate your authority and increase your income with ONE strategy…

"Using this strategy, I changed the trajectory of my company. 

I was selected to speak at four conferences last year, and I instantly went from 

‘who is this guy’ to ‘being seen as a thought leader’.” 

 ~ Ron Dod, CEO of Visiture 

Two Red Bulls, a Stage, and $800,000 in Revenue and This Was His First Speech Ever

Standing in the ballroom at the IMAGINE conference in Vegas, Ron Dod was nervous about his speech. He was addressing about 200 eCommerce business owners to talk about the newest trends in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 

Ron’s marketing company, Grey Umbrella Marketing (now called Visiture), had recently made the transition to narrow to SEO services for eCommerce companies. 

And this was his first speech to an audience like this…well, the real truth is this was Ron’s first speech ever. 

To overcome his jitters, he decided to grab two Red Bulls and chugged down before taking the stage. I know, why would he think Red Bull would calm him down. 

However, he stepped up on the stage with one goal…give a speech that added value to the audience. 

Well, Ron took every bit of his 35 minutes to share marketing insights that made him the expert they were seeking. Not a one of the audience members had met Ron or knew of his company before that moment on stage. 

Ron shared his best stuff (holding nothing back in those precious minutes). It was not an enough for the audience. Before he even stepped off the stage, people came up to him with questions, handing him their business cards and even setting up a few appointments on the spot. 

Upon his final words that day, he sighed a huge breath of relief. It was over. Ron delivered his first speech to these ideal clients, and everything that he knew about lead generation for his business would be different from now on. 

Ron had never had that kind of response to his business before. The next six weeks was filled with discovery calls with these new leads. He enrolled dozens of new clients with more than $50,000 in project fees. 

Fast forward nine months, Ron was a guest on my podcast “Leaders in the Trenches” where: 

  • He shared the entire story of how he changed his business 
  • How he became a thought leader in his industry and increased his business by 412% in 12 months 
  • Where he struggled before this authority positioning strategies and how he overcame them 

Ron’s success with this one speech was $600,000 and counting. I say “counting” because that was April 2016, and many of those clients are still doing business with his company. As of November of 2016, that single speech has resulted in more than $800,000 in revenue. 

Speaking has become a primary strategy for Ron to generate high-value leads for his company. He only needs about four speaking engagements per year. He has become a proven expert in a very specific area that positions him in a new way. 

Ron is the market leader of his niche in a matter of months…not years.

Now how about you,

does this sound familiar?

You got into business for yourself to make an impact and create freedom. You wanted to use the talents you had and develop more skills that allowed you to build your business. However, you realize being really good at what you do is not enough. You have to market your business to get a steady stream of clients. You have tried many different approaches, and none have proven to create high-value clients consistently. 

Without a clear marketing strategy, you grow frustrated with the lack of high-quality leads and the oh-so-common “Let me think about it” responses that happen way to often. 

The clients you do get allow you to pay the bills and maybe even add a few team members to your business. But you keep getting clients that question your pricing and your proposals. You have the feeling that you are running a commodity business. 

No one wants to be a commodity. 

Heck, you might even question yourself. It is quite common to let that doubt fester and cause you seek strategy after strategy for lead generation. 

You try paid ads like on Facebook, or you develop your “funnel” emails that promise to get you more clients. But you realize that the high-value clients are not getting your emails or your cost for ads is more than you are comfortable spending. 

This is what I call the “feeding the funnel frenzy,” and it keeps you spinning your wheels. These strategies can work if you invest thousands in testing to find the right mix. 

At the end of the day, none of it pays off, so you sit wondering what to do next to get high-value clients.

It does not have to be that way.

In fact, you can be seen as an expert in your field and even better you can have people call you their “trusted advisor.” Those two words become common as you narrow your focus to the RIGHT clients and you claim your authority with those clients. They see you have something different than your peers. They see your depth of skills and the results you get for your clients. 

You get selected more often for projects, and your prices are rarely if ever questioned…you are THE choice, not just a choice in your market. 

This is the zone of business where you no longer do you have to wait for referrals and wait to be discovered. You get asked to be on stages to share your insights with your ideal clients. 

You feel great about where you are with your clients and where you are going with your business.

A common belief is

“Authority comes over time.”

It is a prevalent thought that people that are successful in business have paid their dues. They have done all the RIGHT things to get “discovered.” It is a common belief that if you are really good at what you do…they will find you and invite you big opportunities. It does happen. However, it is rare. 

As it turns out you don’t have to wait to be discovered, you can claim your authority in the market and have your ideal clients…the high-value clients. You can do this when you understand the key principles of authority and the most powerful way to accelerate authority and increase your income. 

You can proactively and strategically get media exposure and get invited to be on the big stages at industry conferences. You can do this now if that is your desire. 

I have watched hundreds of people do it, and I interviewed hundreds more that CREATED the authority they want for their businesses. I have even done it. 

Would you be willing to keep reading here to understand how to CREATE the kind of authority that attracts high-value clients to you and makes way for bigger opportunities for you and your business? 

Before we go on, let me share my background with you. 

I am a strategic business coach that helps business owners in highly competitive industries position themselves as THE choice, not just a choice. I guide entrepreneurial leaders to be seen as “rock stars” in their industry. They are good at what they do, and they want to position their companies as leaders in their niche. 

Over the last five years, I have coached hundreds of business owners and guided them to massive growth in revenues and also a deeper understanding of themselves. These two go hand-in-hand. Now my business allows me to speak on stages across the nation and attracts high-value clients to my business using the same strategies I teach my clients.

As Seen In...

I have not always been a coach,

but I have always been an entrepreneur.

I launched a company in 2001 that quickly got to $1 million in revenue, but frankly, my net profits were dismal. I made less than $35,000 after paying employees and expenses in my business. I was in a highly competitive market and figured out that I need to change my approach to making more money. 

After analyzing my best clients and the cost to acquire customers for that business, I made changes to narrow my business to the high-value clients. My revenue exploded, and my profits doubled that year. I continued to refine my marketing to only my best (and favorite) types of clients. It worked as my revenues and profits soared. 

I took that business to $5 million in revenue and became a market leader in a slice of a huge market that propelled my business. I had financial freedom and time freedom with that business…life was pretty good. 

In 2008, I wrapped up the biggest deal of my life that generated $1.2 million in net profits for the company. My next project came up, and I decided to go for it. I partnered with my best friend to put together another big deal for the Vancouver Olympics in 2010. This deal would be a game-changer. 

Well, it didn’t go as I expected. 

I worked on that project for 18 months and in the final week before receiving my inventory…my partner ran into a problem. It was a major problem. It would impact everything I knew about business and my direction in life.

The gift of adversity changed me forever.

In short, I lost it all. I lost more than $3 million dollars in one deal…it came down to one 24 hour period when it all fell apart. 

I lost my business, my savings, my house, and most importantly my confidence. Losing everything that day would change me forever. 

I was shattered beyond belief from this ordeal. 

In the aftermath, I realized this experience was a gift. I had to look hard for it. But I found out that I could create a business based on purpose and making a real impact in the world. I could use my business skills to help other entrepreneurs grow their businesses like I had. 

I found a way to combine success and significance within my work. 

Becoming a coach was harder than I thought it would be…

With much soul-searching, I decided to follow a multi-decade dream. I wanted to live my purpose and help others. I became a business coach to help business owners grow their business. I got a kick ass certification to be a coach and was thrilled about working with new clients. 

My first nine months as a coach was so much harder than I thought. I was remarkably good at coaching others. But I had no effective marketing or sales strategy that generated quality prospects for my business. I got referrals, and those people become clients with ease. However, the referrals were not as steady as I wanted them to be. 

Can you relate to this problem? 

I constantly thought “what was I doing wrong?” 

The frustration increased, especially as I worked nearly seven days per week with only minimal effect to my personal income. I began to fear if I was going to have to get a job. And being an entrepreneur at heart, that scared the crap out of me.

What happened next will surprise you, I was able to increase my pricing by 5X

In 2012, I got a chance to speak at a small networking event with only six people. It was my first speech in more than a decade. I rocked that speech. Well, I probably didn’t do as well as I thought I did. However, I got four discovery conversations for my business and got a new client at $500 per month. My previous clients were paying me $100 per month. Let me say that again…one speech got me a new client that paid me $3,000 for six months. It was 5X my old pricing. 

I didn’t have to do any advertising or email funnels or webinars or any other stuff that had consumed me for months. I discovered that I could give a speech that would get me high-value you clients quickly. 

Over the next year, I took to speaking at local conferences and worked my way to traveling across the country giving speeches in Reno, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, and many other cities. I got better at finding and booking the speaking gigs using a technique that I learned while becoming a certified coach. I have shown my clients how to do it, and it worked for them too. I’ll share it with you further down. 

You may find this odd, but I was never paid for any of these speeches with a speaking fee. It seemed like I only found opportunities where they are considered “no pitch” events. This means I had to deliver a speech with no cheesy lines or bonus stacking and “for today only” type of hype. I learned how to invite the audience to a conversation after the speech that felt natural and authentic…and it worked really well too.

You may find this odd, but I was never paid for any of these speeches with a speaking fee. It seemed like I only found opportunities where they are considered “no pitch” events. This means I had to deliver a speech with no cheesy lines or bonus stacking and “for today only” type of hype. I learned how to invite the audience to a conversation after the speech that felt natural and authentic…and it worked really well too.

One added benefit to speaking is becoming an AUTHORITY which adds to your credibility and trust to your business.

I never really thought about it before, but speaking at conferences changed the way others perceived me as a business coach. In case you don’t know, business coaching is highly competitive. There are thousands of coaches that at the surface level seem very much the same. 

If you looked around within your industry, you would likely see that most service providers in each market blend in together much like commodities. 

Each time I took the stage, I added new dimensions to my authority. Some see this as social proof, but the reality is I got selected more and more as meeting planners saw me as a bonafide expert. 

One huge advantage that came because of this new “business famous” positioning was the quality of clients that came to me. I continued to get referrals, and that too accelerated the growth of my business. 

The new reality to my business now is speaking is the #1 way for me to attract high-value clients to my business. In fact, given that clients pay $5,000 to $25,000 to work with me, speaking has proven to be the only way to generate those kinds of clients. 

I gave one speech back in 2013 in Chicago that resulted in five new clients right away. Then one year later, a business owner that heard that speech remembered me. They found me online, and we talked about working together. That client has been working with me now for 2.5 years. That took my total revenue that started with that one speech to over $50,000. I know that sounds like a ton of money, and over time it adds up. 

Your results will certainly be different than mine. It depends on your ability to get on the right stages and how you enroll clients to your business. But in 2013, I averaged $18,000 in revenue for each of the speaking engagements I did when I traveled outside my local area (and Atlanta is a BIG city).

I cracked the code on using speaking to get clients…

With my success of speaking, I began to have my clients ask about getting on stages. It was working for me, and I didn’t see why it wouldn’t work for them too. 

I opened this page with Ron Dod’s story of two Red Bulls, a stage and $800,000. He was one of my first clients to narrow his business to the profitable niche and proactively get booked on a stage that would forever change his business. I showed him exactly what I did to find speaking engagements and the super secret way to get booked on stages. 

I will share exactly what this is when I talk about “connection” a bit later…but you can’t do it by filling out the standard “speaker forms” when there is a call for speakers. Those forms can work sometimes, but it is so rare that I can tell you that the coaching style is much more effective and proven to get the bigger stages filled with ideal clients. 

Over the next few years, I worked with more clients on how to use speaking to boost their authority and get speaking engagements that would attract new clients to their businesses. I streamlined my processes and pressure tested it with coaches, consultants, and other types of marketing companies. My strategies worked for all of them.

There are three keys to using speaking to accelerate AUTHORITY and increase your income

You must speak at the RIGHT events. When you speak at local events, it is good practice, but rarely do those events put you in front of your ideal clients. The best speech you have will be flat and boring to the wrong audience. To find the right events you have to be clear on your ideal clients. It sounds so simple, and it is. However, most people are quick to write off speaking as ineffective, because they speak a few times and don’t get clients. 

This requires you to understand the strategy required to get booked at the RIGHT speaking engagements. 

You must give the RIGHT speech. Most speeches are packed with too much content. Slides are filled to the max. Contrary to common thinking too much information does not lead the audience to see you as an expert. Experts can simplify their content to present one GREAT idea instead of a bunch of ideas during one speech. 

Also, the delivery of your speech must engage the audience to pay attention first, then to take action. I have found that you must write and deliver your speech that maximizes “connection” with the audience. If they are not “connected” to you, they won’t feel that you are THE choice for their problem. 

You must get the audience to take ACTION. Coming off stage, your goal is to move the audience to action…get them to chase you. I smile as I write the word “chase” here. If you have influence and authority with the audience members through an emotional connection, they literally will chase you down to give you their business cards and ask you questions. This puts you in the prime position to begin the relationship.

So now the question is,

how do you use speaking to accelerate your

authority and increase your income?

First, let’s find out why you’re not already having success from the stage. 

There’s tons of free information out there about speaking and getting engagements. So why hasn’t it worked for you? 

You are good at what you do. You can give your speech without notes. 


  • Do you know how to find the speaking engagements where your audience is? 
  • Do you know how to get past the “call for speakers” and the “speaker applications”? 
  • Do you know how to get to the decision maker? 
  • Do you know how to talk about your speech in a way that gets you booked? 
  • Do you know how to get all your online assets ready for speaking that help you get booked? 
  • Do you know which ones you need and which ones you don’t? 
  • Do you know how to create a speech that makes the audience take action? 
  • Do you know how to deliver that speech in the best way possible? 
  • Do you know how to emotionay connect with the audience to get them to chase you? 
  • Do you know the no-so-secret strategy to book high-value clients to come up to after your speech? 

Theoretically, you can find a lot of answers online and in speaking books. So why isn’t that advice working for you?

There are three reasons

why you haven’t found success yet:

1. Your blindspots are killing you. 

There are so many things that go into a successful speaking strategy that you don’t even know about. Sure, you might absorb a few good ideas from your network or Facebook groups. Maybe you get your tips from a blog post or two. But that’s just the tip of a huge iceberg. What you CAN see is just the beginning. 

What you CAN’T see is what is hurting your chances of making this strategy work. The unknowns that I’m talking about are your blindspots. We all have them. 

You likely focus on the wrong parts of the strategy, just because you had a friend say that worked for them. And you have pre-dispositions of what is right and wrong that frankly just might be your biggest problems. 

Trust me. I’ve seen people spin their wheels following the lead of greats. 

And it’s always because of things we didn’t know that we didn’t know. 

2. You don’t have the right sequence…or in other words; you don’t have THE PLAN. 

Speaking to get clients is not a collection of random events until you get it right or you get lucky. 

Business owners that are using speaking to propel their personal brand and their business are not haphazardly doing bookings. And they sure aren’t waiting to be discovered. 

Speaking to get clients requires a well-planned and well-timed strategy. And if you miss any of the important pieces, the whole thing can be a waste of time and money. 

There is a proven plan, enacted from start to finish; that gets you speaking engagements. And the more you work the plan, the easier it gets. You will leverage one speaking engagement into another. 

The PLAN has the right sequence of tactics that ensures you get the right opportunities when they come available. And if you don’t get that BIG engagement this year…you are positioned to get it next year because you have laid the ground work. 

3. You have no idea what to say. 

Even if I handed you a list of events happening in the next 12 months, you’d probably be paralyzed, because you have no idea what to say to actually get the speaking engagements. 

You don’t have the emails that work with the key ingredients that make you standout from all the others. You don’t actually know how to talk to the decision makers that select the speakers. 

If you are too aggressive, you lose that opportunity, and if you are too passive, you never get a shot at that stage. 

One problem may not lie with what you are saying…but it is the tone in which you say it. 

You have to know what to say, when to say it and how to say it to get people to select you.

Here’s what Business Owners

say about working with me:

“I started out blogging, and for 18 months I had readers, but no clients. My strategy was not working. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. But I was missing authority in a big way. Gene is a big part of my success in my business and life. Gene challenged me to define a niche, and once I did, I have never looked back. I have been able to become an authority in my industry, generate more revenue that ever before, and even get paid to speak internationally. I owe Gene a lot when it comes to finding my audience, which is the foundation of any business in the beginning.” ~ Jason Swenk 

“Before the Authority Camp program, I was frustrated, because I was speaking locally and not getting leads. After Authority Camp, speaking is my top lead generation strategy. Gene helped me learn how to find speaking gigs and coached my presentations too…all very valuable in creating authority with speaking.” ~ Wayne Kurzen 

“I had never spoken at a conference before working with Gene. My first speech has paid off. I would imagine somewhere around $800,000 in total revenue. We are close to getting the same conference again in 2017. Now I’m a thought leader and building my authority with speaking.” ~ Ron Dod

“I wanted to speak at conferences and events but was not sure where to start. After working with Gene, speaking has become to primary lead generator for my business. My calendar has filled with speaking opportunities, each bigger than the last.” ~ Stefanie Diaz 


 Do you want to Book Speaking Engagements that accelerate your authority and increase your income without paying sponsorship fees?

Introducing Authority Camp

Authority Camp is the only program available that has been tried and tested over a variety of business owners, industries, and speaking experience levels with a prime focus on how to use speaking to get clients. It is also is the only program that has a deep focus on using “connection” with the audience that drivess them to take action. 

As soon as you join, you’ll access more than 8 hours of video lessons that take you start-to-finish through creating your own speaking strategy…the plan. 

You’ll learn the exact strategies, timing, tactics, and content to use to successfully… 

  • Find the RIGHT speaking engagements 
  • Book the RIGHT speaking engagements 
  • Write the RIGHT speech 
  • Deliver the RIGHT speech 
  • Enroll HIGH-VALUE clients using speaking


This isn’t about booking a few practice speeches. It is about you speaking to rooms full of your ideal clients. You are coming off stage with confidence that you will get new clients from each and every opportunity. 

Ideally, you use these strategies to book 4 or 5 amazing events per year that propel your business forward. And as you progress you will be able to use the strategies to speak more often if you want…it will be up to you. As you keep going, your network grows, and the conference planners seek you out as the expert in your field.

So what makes Authority Camp different?

There are three fundamental things that set Authority Camp apart from the rest: 

1. It’s for business owners that want to speak to get clients. 

When running your business, you have to be extremely guarded of your time. You want to make sure your efforts pay off. You don’t want to speak to feed your ego; you want to speak to feed your business with high-value leads and new clients. 

This program is designed exactly for the business owner that wants speaking to be a lead generation for the business. I show you the subtle yet powerful differences in speaking for your business that most programs don’t show you. 

2. No one else is teaching the power of CONNECTION across all aspects of the speaking strategy. 

Getting the audience to take action from your speech is really about KLT (Know-Like-Trust). Most programs don’t teach you how to maximize the connection with the audience. 

It is common for people to write and deliver speeches based on the words they want to communicate. It is what we have all been taught…outlines and paragraphs are all the focus. 

However, consider the role of connection in your speaking: 

Getting the speaking engagement is more about building relationships than filling out forms. 

Crafting your speech with connection in mind allows you to relate to the audience at a deeper level. They sit there thinking “He gets me…or maybe she gets me.” 

Delivering your speech that connects to the emotions of the audience is more likely to get them to take new actions. 

Connection is the missing ingredient that most people don’t consider when they think of speaking; however, it is an essential principle through out every part of speaking. It is even more important if you are “speaking to get clients.” 

No other program shows the principles of CONNECTION that allow each and every speech to draw in high-value clients. If you leave these out, you are very likely to miss opportunities each time you take the stage. 

3. It’s been tested across many business owners. 

Most speaking advice is based on assumptions and speculations about what will work. They read some books and talk to a few successful speakers, and decide that now they’re an expert. 

Unfortunately, that’s why most of their advice doesn’t work, and you’ve probably wasted your own time and money trying those approaches. 

The plan laid out in Authority Camp is not based on guess-work. It’s a proven system that has worked over and over again. Every single piece of this program has been real-world tested with actual businesses. I’ve worked directly with coaches, consultants, and marketers, to see what works and what doesn’t, across a huge spectrum.

Here is why you will LOVE Authority Camp

  • Step-by-step: The plan that takes you from start-to-finish and helps you if you are new to speaking or if you have given many speeches. The key here is the system is what makes it work. It is sequenced in the right order and keeps you from stalling out. 
  • Full access to the program: You will be able to customize the pieces for you. You will get worksheets, templates, and top tools with the training to make them all work for you. 
  • Invite your business partner or support team member: You get to invite your business partner or a member of your support team to help you implement the strategy. And you are joining other like-minded business owners on the same journey. 
  • Unlimited access to Authority Camp: As your first speech begins to take you to new places, you will begin to develop new materials and refine your strategy over time. You can apply this learning to new speeches and new speaking engagements. As a member of Authority Camp, you get full access to updates to the program as they become available.

How it works:

Authority Camp offers five lessons and 12+ videos to guide you to booking more stages that accelerate your authority and increase your income too. There is a lot of content inside of Authority Camp. It can be overwhelming to try to go through it all at once. 

Lesson 1: Finding Your Audience

Lesson 2: Making Your Lists

Lesson 3: Making Your Pitch

  • Learn why most speaking does not work…and how to make it pay off for you using a strategy that puts you on the stage in front of your ideal clients 
  • Get the exact strategy that ensures you are talking to the right people, and it allows flexibility for those of you in established businesses that have more than one ideal client avatar. 
  • Discover your “market to message match” that allows you to not only improve your speaking but also improve your business website, your referrals, and your current sales conversations. 

  • Understand how to connect with your current network of people that already know, like and trust you for speaking engagements. And maybe most important for you is to expand your network to the RIGHT people that will put you on stages. 
  • Not sure of how to find speaking engagements? Get the proven strategy to research events that get to the decision maker who selects speakers for events. 
  • Use the “follow the leader” strategy to help you find the events that other speakers in your industry niche are already speaking at. I’ll show you how to use this super simple strategy that can even uncover amazing speaking engagements (some may even be paid too).


  • Use my 4-part framework to write a speech title and description that gets the attention of the meeting planners and gets the right people to attend your session.
  • Learn how to position yourself as an expert that speaks…event planners want experts that help their audiences. There are subtle aspects to this that must be done right, or you don’t get selected as the speaker. 
  • Have you ever filled in a speaker application or submission form? And then silence. Learn what you must do first before using speaker forms. It will greatly improve your chances of getting the speaking engagements. 

Lesson 4: Crafting Your Talk 

Lesson 5: Practice and Delivering Your Talk 

  • Create a speech that can be customized to better “connect” with the audience. This is the key to getting clients…if they don’t think “he or she gets me” you will struggle to get clients. The worksheet and training in Authority Camp will guide you to writing that speech. 
  • Get the ONE super simple strategy that allows you to ensure your speech connects. It is what I learned from the top speakers in professional speaking through my hundreds of interviews on my podcast. I had two deep conversations with Les Brown (one of the top speakers today) who shared with me a very fine detail that has changed the game with my speeches too. I hold nothing back to ensure you understand this strategy.


  • How do you practice your speech? There are many steps of preparation needed to successfully develop and perform a great speech. In this lesson, we will breakdown these steps and ensure you have everything you need so that you are ready for the opportunity and ready to rock the stage. 
  • Overcome delivery downfalls and gain a deep confidence in your ability to present your talk for the result the audience needs and the result you want for your business. 
  • Get my checklist to remove all elements of a speech that limit “connection” with the audience. It also gives you the tips to help you deliver the best speech you can. This alone will make you one of the top 99% speakers to take the stage.

Exclusive Bonuses

Bonus #1 "Speaker Support Training" 

Because your time is valuable, it is great to get someone to support you with the parts of the strategy that will keep you in front of the RIGHT people. 

The “Speaker Support Training” program gives your team exactly what they need to help you in booking speaking engagements. It includes a video training that explains why they are helping you and how to do it according to the plan within the Authority Camp program. 

The purpose of this bonus is to give your support staff the exact training and templates they need to support you. 

I have not seen another program like this available on the market. But I did train one of my client’s executive assistant. She booked five speaking engagements within the first three weeks of using the training. This is valued at $1000. 

 Fast Action Bonus: “The First 50" 

The First 50 is a customized list of the first 50 events for you to proactively connect with for speaking opportunities. After you define your audience with the training in lessons 1 and 2…you will get my team researching the names of the events, dates of the events and the most important, the decision maker. This will save you time and allow you to focus on getting ready for the reach out phase of the plan. 

*** This is only available if you apply before the deadline. *** 

You must be a current member also to receive this bonus. 

Special Offer:

This is only available for those that are in Authority Camp Elite. This is extra support and coaching wth me (Gene). Adding this to your pogram is $4997 (or $3000 more than Authority Camp: The Guided Tour). 

You get five private (one-on-one) sessions with me (Gene Hammett). 

Elite gives you coaching with Gene to fine-tune your strategy, content development, and extra support. These sessons are meant to maximize your ROI for the program. It will address your “blindspots” to speaking that gets the audience to take action while I am working privately with you on your business. 

The value of this special bonus is greater than $8000 based on my private coaching rates. It is only available if you pay in one payment of $4997 (or the 5 payments of $1000). 

Elite Bonus: “The First 100" 

The First 100 is a customized list of the first 100 events for you to proactively connect with for speaking opportunities. After you define your audience with the training in lessons 1 and 2…you will get my team researching the names of the events, dates of the events and the most important, the decision maker. This will save you time and allow you to focus on getting ready for the reach out phase of the plan. 

You must be a current member also to receive this bonus. 

Which option works best for you?

Authority Camp Elite & The Guided Tour: Pay $4997 or 5 payments of $1000

Authority Camp The Guided Tour: Pay $1997 or 5 payments of $400

Study-at-Home Program: 

5 Lessons, worksheets, template vault, extra trainings

“The Guided Tour” is 2 calls per month for 5 months to help you customized the program. I will coach you on the calls and do Q&A for everyone. 

(valued at $2997)


Speaker Support Training 

($1000 value) 

Fast Action Bonus: 

Your First 100 

($1000 value) 

Only if you apply before the deadline

Private Coaching Session: 

Craft Your Speech; This will be scheduled as you begin to write your speech for a specific audience. You must have a speech already on the calendar for this one. 

Private Coaching Session: 

Speech and Enrollment Strategy. This will be schedule within 5 days of your speech to maximize your chances of success. 

This is NOT just another program.

  • It is designed to save you time and money by not having you waste your time working a incomplete system. 
  • It is sequences to support you through the blindspots and challenges that ofter come up on the entrepreneur journey. 
  • Consider me your “Trusted Advisor” as you will be able to reach out and talk to me through the calls and unlimited emails. 
  • You will encounter many challenges or opportunities that require a quick conversation to help you make this payoff. Think of me being on your “team” for five months to help you when you need it. 

The Double Guarantee

Here is my no risk guarantee for you. 

Part 1: You can cancel the program anytime with no further payments with 30 days written notice.

Part 2: If you do the work in the program, I will personally work with you one-on- one until you recover your investment. 

To be clear, I’m not offering a money back guarantee as the payment structure is designed to allow minimal investment for you to test this. Also I don’t want people to buy the program to TRY this…it is only for those serious about making it work. I stand behind my program and the coaching combined with it in this 2 part guarantee.

I know this for sure…

If you made it to this point on this page…I know this for sure. 

You are seriously considering this program. You likely have been thinking about speaking for some time, or you have made a new commitment that speaking will be part of your lead generation for your business in 2017. 

You want to accelerate your authority with speaking. 

You want to get clients from speaking. 

You want to have a plan that makes it work for you. 

I also know that you have some fear about a new strategy or maybe even fear about speaking on a stage. If you are really good at providing your “service” to your clients, then you owe it to them to share your message. Let your voice inspire them to a new future. Don’t let your fears stop you.

You don’t want to waste your time on a strategy that is based on “hope.” 

Now is the time to claim your authority. 

Now is the time to understand how to book bigger speaking engagements. 

Now is the time to get started. 

You want this…you really want it. 

I have seen so many of my clients who have never spoken before or only spoken at local events use this strategy I’m offering you to exponential change their business (and themselves). I have seen them raise their authority and watched them get clients. 


Speaking is an unfair advantage…what will you do? 

You know what you need to do, now is the time. 

STOP making excuses. START taking responsibility. 

STOP hoping. START working it. 

STOP waiting to be discovered. START making it happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long each week does it take to review the videos and do the worksheets? 

Authority Camp will guide you step-by-step to getting more speaking engagements. It will give you a proven sequence to use that makes you proactive and put you in front of the people that will invite you to there stages. 

The program does take work. In 2 - 4 hours per week you can do the training and worksheets that allow you to do everything you need to do to get booked on stages. As you progress to the Authority Camp you will be able to use that time to reach out conferences that allow you to make all this work payoff. 

I have seen this have a profound impact on businesses in less than 4 hours per week. You do have to reach out to the right people and build your relationships. 

What if I have never spoken on stage before? 

This program is designed to help you from the very beginning (never spoken before) and help the more experienced to catch up with the finer details that often missed. In other words, if you have never spoken before, Authority Camp will guide you to success on the stage. Go back and read Ron Dod’s story at the top of this page. 

Can I share this a business partner or my assistant? 

One of the features we have included is for your business partner or assistant to take the training and participate in the phone calls provided in “The Guided Tour.” We offer the chance to include them specifically to support you through the process. 

If there are two principles in a business, you are both welcome to access the training and calls for no additional investment. 

I do ask that these be people that are part of your company. They should have the same email domain to access the program. 

Does it really take five months to learn how to book speaking engagements? 

NO. If you are working the program, you can be booking speaking engagements within the first month of starting the program. Your time to book your first speaking engagement depends on where you are in the process and how you take action. 

I do offer 5 months of support to guide you through all aspects of the speaking process. I want to support you through all phases of the process and ensure you are ready to use this strategy.