Agency Only Breakfast | October 20th

"I Have Been Able to Become An Authority In My Industry, Generate More Revenue Than Ever Before, And Even Get Paid to Speak Internationally" 

 Become The Rockstar Of Your Niche And Attract Top-Notch Clientele!  


100% Guarantee

Full Money Back Guarantee

No questions asked, no hassles, no problems! If you don't see a difference, then I don't want your money! 

What Do You Need to Do to Go From Just 'Roaming Around' In Your Market to Actually Owning It? 

The answer is: Being an authority in your niche. 

The picture to your left is of me OWNING the speaking stage. 

I generated $22,000 of revenue from this one speech. 

I had a line of people waiting to introduce themselves and talk to me about their businesses, right after I got off the stage. 

These were all leads and POTENTIAL CLIENTS! 

There is actually a great deal of psychology involved in the process of authority. We are hardwired to follow those that in our opinion have the most knowledge on a subject. 

The best thing is there is a (teachable) method to the madness and I am here to teach it to you. 

In my 20+ years as a serial entrepreneur. And now my 5 years as a business coach, I have conducted over 200 podcast interviews those that OWN their niche. I have helped clients increase their revenue by 300 or more percent.  

Simply stated: I know what works. I know what doesn't work.

Do You Really Want to Go Through Tiring And Gruelsome Rounds Of Trial and Error Just to Find Out How to Improve Your Positioning?

My guess is no. You really shouldn't have to do that. 

My 3-Step formula has been proven right over and over again. Not only in my own business, but in that of my clients as well. Every single time. 

Some of my clients have grown their businesses to 7-figure a matter of months. 

The formula is simple and effective.  

But it is not easy. 

See, you could theoratically do this all on your own. The emails I have shared with you in the past and the video above pretty much explain to you how to become the rockstar in your niche. 

You could go through countless rounds of trial and error to see what works and what doesn't for your paticular business. 

Should I blog? Should I keep reaching out to people to get on podcasts? Or traditional interviews? Does my website suck? Should I hire a copywriter who can improve my sales copy? Discovering which stages to speak on to get clients?

More questions. More headache. Less time. 

I have been there. I have done that. So I can tell you what is real from what is a distraction.

And you have either gone through some of that, or you will go through the trouble to find out how to improve your positioning and get better playing clients...

...Unless you have a roadmap

A roadmap that guides you into the right direction, helps you save time and streamline processes.

I wish 5 years ago someone would have shared with me what I am about to share with you, which I now consider my 'baby,'...

 The Roadmap That Gets Rid Of Your Headache, Saves You Time 

And Shows You How to Position Yourself as An Authority In Your Niche:  

The 'Be The Choice' - Roadmap 

The roadmap will be like a personal, one-to-one, 'remote' consultation between you and I, followed by a consultation call that you will book with me. 

The roadmap will be divided up into 4 parts that are each designed to break down the current state of your business and then suggest specific steps to improve your positioning. 

This is a personalized review. I will even put your picture at the top of it. 

Here is a complete breakdown of the roadmap: 

  • Pillar 1 - Market to Message Match (valued at $300): In this first section, I discuss the clarity of your message to your intended audience. In the foundational video, I will review the 8 areas am I looking at for your review. In the custom video, I will share with you what is working in your business and what needs improvement. 

These 8 areas are: Home Page, About Page, Big Idea (disruptive, unique, relevant), Testimonials, Content Created, Social Channels, Sign Ups and Service Offerings

  • Pillar 2 - Authority Positioning (valued at $300): In this section, I describe how your authority position is created using 5 areas of measurement. In your custom video, I will show you what you can do to raise your authority and identify 3 different media outlets or podcasts that will help you amplify authority for your brand.

These 5 areas of measurement are: Media Mentions, Testimonials, Content outside website (podcasts, guest blogging, contributor), Speaking, Media logos increase credibility and reduce the risk for future placements

  • Pillar 3 - Speaking For Client Acquisition (valued at $300): In this final section, I look at the power of speaking for highly competitive businesses. Your video will include a review of four critical areas to assess your readiness for speaking to get clients. It will also include 3-5 speaking opportunities that you could use to expand your reach and get new clients.

The 4 critical assessment areas are: Promise Statement, Speech Analysis: Clarity of Audience, Speech Analysis: Uniqueness of Messaging, Website Readiness as it relates to speaking opportunities

... And the final part - A Consultation call with me (valued at $600): 

Once you’ve reviewed the videos I made for you, we can have our 1-to-1 session. Here, we will discuss the roadmap and line out steps you should take to place yourself as an authority in your niche. 

It's Like Getting A $1250 Check...For Free! 

If you do the math here, you'll realize that the value of the roadmap is $1500. 

At least. 

It took me decasdes to distill my experience as an entrepreneur myself and the work as a business coach into a teachable format.  

All the sacrificies I made and lessons I learned are now paying off. 

It also took me more than 4 years to establish myself as a speaker that is traveling across the country to speak in front of thousnds of people.

And have potential clients approach me for consultation...every single speech.

One could argue that to pack this valuable information into a tangible 'thing' would be...

well incredibly valuable. 

I mean, how can you assign a specific value to human experiences? 

Let's be honest: You really can't. 

As long as the offer is live and the cart is open, you will get the roadmap for the ridiciously low price of just $250.  

You might be wondering why this is pretty much a steal. 

Well, let's just say I am really bad at pricing and I got mixed up with the numbers. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE! Only 10 Spots Available  

The roadmap is pretty much me sitting down with you, one-on-one, throughout the whole process, to come up with a plan for your business. 

It is customized. I am sure you know that customization takes time. 

And as much as we all work, we all have 24 hours in our day. So I can't do a roadmap for every single person reading this.

In fact, I can only do 10 roadmaps. In other words, if 10 spots fill up, the cart will close before the 72 hours run out. I do this to make sure that I can focus a 100% on each roadmap. 

So its either the 72 hours time period or the 10 spots. Whichever comes first. It's your decision.

Also: There's A Slight Chance That..

We haven't worked together before. I get that, no hard feelings. 

But I want to make sure that we do, if you are interested. 

Because I am absolutely 100% positive that this will help you elevate your business to the next level.  

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the roadmap, I will refund you. 

In fact, if we end up working together and you think you have not been helped, I don't want your money. 

Simply let me know why this product did not work out for you and send me an email at 

It's that easy! 

 Don't Take My Word For It...

Here is what 2 of my most successful clients say. They are absolutely killing it right now! 

“Gene is a big part of my success in my business and life. Gene challenged me to define a niche and once I did, I have never looked back. I have been able to become an authority in my industry, generate more revenue than ever before, and even get paid to speak internationally. I owe Gene a lot when it comes to picking a niche, which is the foundation of any business in the beginning.” 

- Jason Swenk, CEO, Speaker, Expert Marketer

“I recently spoke at a conference that alone netted me $60,000 in the first 45 days and resulted in over $600,000 after 9 months. Gene helped my agency become an industry leader in my specific niche instead of being all things to all people. Plus our agency hit the $1 milllion mark in sales after one year of working with Gene. It was a 412% growth over 12 months.” 

- Ron Dod, CEO at