The New Strategies of Automated Webinars

254 | The New Strategies of Automated Webinars with Casey Zeman

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The New Strategies of Automated Webinars



Using online training (webinars) is an excellent way to establish your expertise and authority. The next level approach is using “automated webinars.” Our guest today is Casey Zeman, who is the founder of Easy Webinar. We talk about a simple sequence or strategy to get more leads and therefore more sales for your business.

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Target Audience: Casey creates software and training programs designed to help businesses grow through the power of automation and engagements using video, webinars and live video to leverage the brand and the business that they want.

Building Leads to the Automated Webinar

The power of a webinar, as some of us know, is to build that “Know-Like and Trust” factor with your audience. The nature of a webinar is about hitting on pain points they are facing and offering possible solutions to solve the pain or problem.


Webinars also leverage the power of scalability. A webinar allows you to serve more people while also saving you lots of time.  


Webinars can be powerful because a webinar asks for a level of commitment. A webinar is also revealing in the sense that it helps business owners to separate those people who are serious from those who are not. Webinars also serve as a portal for the different and various ways they can go further with you.


Live Video: Periscope & Facebook Live

Periscope is tied in with twitter. You can Livestream from your phone. Followers will tune into the broadcast. Facebook live works the same way. If you can create resonating content, you can move them into your marketing platform.


The webinar only scratches the surface and give a simple to remember url. They sign up to get the free thing. Webinars share a slice of what you are offering. This is not slimy! You are are serving them what they want. And giving them more gradually based on their commitment.


In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Using webinars to build Trust
  • The power of live video
  • Why webinars create leads
  • How webinars save you time
  • How webinars reveal the value you have to offer


Practical and Actionable:

Remember that the purpose of your webinar is to only scratch the surface of what’s really behind the veil. Be sure to provide something of quality and value. Serve them to the best of your ability while also holding a balance: their commitment.


Resources and Links

How is your business going…would you like to talk about it?

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175 | Unlocking Your Website Conversions with Alex Harris

175Why do some websites experience conversions while others don’t? By “conversion” I mean a sale on the website or an exchange of an email to get something of value. If you have a website, you want conversions. Our guest today is Alex Harris of and he shares what it takes to make conversions on your website. You will gain new awareness on what is really going on after listening to Alex today.

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Target Audience: Alex helps small business owners catalyze an increase in conversion rates by helping them to understand their ideal customers in more authentic ways.

In Alex’s early days as an entrepreneur, he realized he didn’t know as much as he thought he did and created a podcast. The guests on his show quickly taught him that creating an easy to use format to track the financial gains made during marketing campaigns is everything. The amount of traffic has no validation whatsoever if you are not CONVERTING.

What does one look for to increase conversions?

  • Every site obeys the [80:20] rule; this determines the biggest place for potential conversion
  • What are people doing on the pages (tracking behavior)
  • The WHY. Why are they converting/not? You must determine the WHY by putting yourself in their shoes.
The power of relationship building is about winning over trust in a non manipulative way- yet persuasive about providing ultimate value. It is also about spending less money on advertising & creating greater acquisition

What pisses Alex off?

  • People rely on other people’s findings (not backed up by data)
  • Not looking at your data DAILY!
  • Beautiful websites that don’t convert

175alexIn this episode we’ll cover:

  • Why a pretty website doesn’t matter if it’s not converting
  • Why trusting your intuition regarding decisions you make in your biz is everything
  • How to collect the voice of the customer
  • The power of building relationships with your customers

Practical and Actionable:

Talk to your customers. You can automate it through feedback surveys, etc. You can also collect the voice of the customer through testimonials. Have live chats and get to understand the customer’s perspective. Use that information & implement it in your CTA’s in your messaging, on your website (everywhere). That way you are truly speaking to your customers; you are empathizing with them and that’s how you really solve their problems.

Resources and Links

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155 | Digital Marketing: What’s Working Now Episode 3 of 3 Gene Hammett

155-Gene-Hammett-featuredI’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on my website. I’ve learned what to do and what not to do and my advice is this: Be Tactful. Before you jump into handing over your credit card to the next service promising you leads, I want you to take a step back and get to really know your ideal client. Nothing you do can be effective if you are not drawing in your ideal clients to your website. And you know what else? If you’re not a big fan of marketing, I’ve got good news for you. When you do it right and when you provide real VALUE to your ideal clients, it doesn’t feel like marketing. Lean in for all this and more…

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Target Audience: Gene works with entrepreneurs who want to master themselves and their business so they can do work that matters.

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154 | Digital Marketing: What’s Working Now Episode 2 of 3 with Dustin Drees

154-Dustin-Drees-featuredAre you guessing what and how things are converting on your website? A lot of people do it this way and if you’re one of those people, you really want to lean into this episode. Today’s podcast guest, Dustin Drees tells us why it’s so important to drop the guessing game and determine what the real numbers are for optimal success. Plus, with the technology we’ve got at hand, determining numbers has become an exact science. As always, if you’re not into the numbers and research game, you want to hire someone to do that for you since this is a crucial factor for your business.

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Target Audience: Dustin’s target audience includes clients who have at least 20,000 unique visitors to their website per month. His aim is to improve their revenue and conversions online.

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141 | Creating Funnels for Ultimate Optimization with Zach Johnson

141-Zach-Johnson-featuredCreating content and sharing it is not enough. If you find yourself in the trenches, one of the reasons could be that you are not keeping track of your conversion rates. Zach Johnson shares with us today why tracking performance is essential. While this is no small task, this is something you could outsource. Game Changer for Profits does just that. If you are unsure about the performance of your conversion rates, lean into this episode to learn all about optimization.

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Zach’s Target Audience: Zach the runs marketing for Leadpages and Ontraport with Game Changer For Profits. The mission there is to help consultants and coaches specifically build their online webinar funnels to ultimately convert potential clients into paying clients. This niche may not necessarily have the technical abilities or team to execute on a marketing funnel and so Game Changer for Profits serves as their outsource solution.

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