The New Strategies of Automated Webinars

254 | The New Strategies of Automated Webinars with Casey Zeman

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The New Strategies of Automated Webinars



Using online training (webinars) is an excellent way to establish your expertise and authority. The next level approach is using “automated webinars.” Our guest today is Casey Zeman, who is the founder of Easy Webinar. We talk about a simple sequence or strategy to get more leads and therefore more sales for your business.

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Target Audience: Casey creates software and training programs designed to help businesses grow through the power of automation and engagements using video, webinars and live video to leverage the brand and the business that they want.

Building Leads to the Automated Webinar

The power of a webinar, as some of us know, is to build that “Know-Like and Trust” factor with your audience. The nature of a webinar is about hitting on pain points they are facing and offering possible solutions to solve the pain or problem.


Webinars also leverage the power of scalability. A webinar allows you to serve more people while also saving you lots of time.  


Webinars can be powerful because a webinar asks for a level of commitment. A webinar is also revealing in the sense that it helps business owners to separate those people who are serious from those who are not. Webinars also serve as a portal for the different and various ways they can go further with you.


Live Video: Periscope & Facebook Live

Periscope is tied in with twitter. You can Livestream from your phone. Followers will tune into the broadcast. Facebook live works the same way. If you can create resonating content, you can move them into your marketing platform.


The webinar only scratches the surface and give a simple to remember url. They sign up to get the free thing. Webinars share a slice of what you are offering. This is not slimy! You are are serving them what they want. And giving them more gradually based on their commitment.


In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Using webinars to build Trust
  • The power of live video
  • Why webinars create leads
  • How webinars save you time
  • How webinars reveal the value you have to offer


Practical and Actionable:

Remember that the purpose of your webinar is to only scratch the surface of what’s really behind the veil. Be sure to provide something of quality and value. Serve them to the best of your ability while also holding a balance: their commitment.


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